San Francisco Public Library

Presidio, Hunter's Point, Treasure Island and Fort Baker Documents

Throughout the United States, the government is investigating potential hazardous waste contamination at many of its facilities under the Department of Defense's Installation Restoration Program. San Francisco sites include Treasure Island, Hunter's Point, Presidio, and Fort Baker. An essential element of the Restoration Program is community relations. The goal is to keep the community informed about the environmental investigations and to provide the community with opportunities to participate in the selection of cleanup actions. To that end information repositories have been established at the San Francisco Public Library. Repositories contain current information, fact sheets, technical reports, and reference materials regarding the sites under investigation.

These documents are kept in closed stacks but will be retrieved upon request. Master indexes are available for Hunter's Point, Presidio, and Treasure Island documents. The indexes are kept at the Government Information Center reference desk. Not all indexed documents are in the collection, however. Fort Baker documents can be located through the library's online catalog. If you have any questions, please ask at the Government Information Center desk on the 5th floor of the Main Library or call 415-557-4500 or email