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Image of 由舊金山市立圖書館與加州圖書俱樂部(The Book Club of California)共同編印,以紀念舊總圖書館及其石刻題字。在將舊的總圖書館改建為亞洲藝術博物館之前,舉辦了各種活動。攝影師及時捕捉了這些極可能失去的瞬間,用照片記錄下寶貴的歷史。本書由舊金山著名的綠木出版社(Greenwood Press)東主Jack Stauffacher設計和編輯。書中匯集Dennis Letbetter拍攝的照片,歷史家Gray Brechin、著名英國石刻家和字體設計師Michael Harvey以及具影響力的字體設計師Sumner Stone的文章。此書限量印刷一千本,共八十頁,附有六十八張雙色照片。每本五十五元+稅。請於此處列印訂購表格。此書亦可在書本、藝術和特別收藏中心與Book Bay at the Main Library找到,後者位於市政中心總圖書館Grove街入口處。


Image of Calligraphic Type Design in the Digital Age

Image of 'Peter Koch, Printer' book cover Peter Koch, Printer:
Cowboy Surrealists, Maverick Poets & Pre-Socratic Philosophers

Trance & RecalcitranceTrance & Recalcitrance

The exhibition catalogue documenting the work of Frances Butler and Alastair Johnston's Berkeley-based Poltroon Press (1995). Poltroon Press was established in 1975 with the intent to print and publish original works of "literature, poetry, short stories, experimental writing, as well as books on graphic arts, typography, bibliography, design history, and subjects difficult to classify." The press has won many awards for work which continues the tradition of letterpress printing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Published by the Pacific Center for the Book Arts and the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library. With illustrations and chronology. 46 pages. Limited edition. $10.00. Contact the Book Arts & Special Collections Center.