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Trance & ObstinaciĆ³n

Trance & Recalcitrance. The Private Voice in the Public Realm: 20 years of Poltrom Press

Cover of The catalogue of an exhibition (1995) documenting the work of Frances Butler and Alastair Johnston's Berkeley based Poltroon Press. Established in 1975 with the intent to print and publish original works of literature-poetry, short stories, experimental writing, as well as books on graphic arts, typography, bibliography, design history, and subjects difficult to classify-Poltroon Press has won many awards for work which continues the tradition of letterpress printing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Published by the Pacific Center for the Book Arts and the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library. With illustrations and chronology. 46 pages. Limited edition. $10.00. Contact the Book Arts & Special Collections Center.