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About San Francisco Government

The San Francisco City and County home page is the official, searchable site for City government.

San Francisco is the only combined City and County within the State of California. Elected officials and City employees act simultaneously to carry out municipal and county matters.

Historical book titles that are good introductions to the workings of San Francisco government are:

The GIC is a depository for official San Francisco government documents. Not all San Francisco records are housed in the Library; consult the City's Index of Records for public records and retention schedules held by other departments and agencies.

The SFPL Catalog lists some, but not all, San Francisco documents that are available in the Library. Call the GIC for questions about the collection: 415-557-4500. Most documents must be retrieved by staff and are for in-library use only.

San Francisco Archives
Some San Francisco documents are housed in the San Francisco History Center. The Library's collection of San Francisco government documents dates back to the 1800s.
As required by law, agendas for all upcoming public meetings by City policy bodies (including City boards, commissions, and task forces) are posted at the GIC. Minutes for public meetings are also filed with the GIC.

Elected Officials