San Francisco Public Library

Other Mayoral Collections

Unprocessed Mayoral Collections

These collections are being cataloged and are not yet available for research.

Frank Jordan, 1992 - 1996

SF History Center has 45 cubic feet.

Willie L. Brown, 1996-2004

SF History Center has 60 cubic feet.

Mayoral Collections Housed at Other Repositories

William Alvord, 1871-1873

James Otis, 1873-1875

Washington Bartlett, 1883-1887

Adolph H.J. Sutro, 1895-1897

James Duval Phelan, 1897-1902

Edward Robeson Taylor, 1907-1910, and Patrick Henry McCarthy, 1910-1912

James Rolph, Jr., 1912-1931

Roger Dearborn Lapham, 1944-1948

John Francis Shelley, 1964-1968