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  • CultureGrams | (ProQuest)
    Concise, reliable, and up-to-date cultural information on countries across the globe. It includes four editions: the World Edition (for junior high school students and up) and the Kids, States, and Canadian Provinces editions (for upper elementary school students).
  • Encyclopædia Britannica Online
    Access to the entire Encyclopædia Britannica, Comptons, Britannica Elementary, and Britannica Concise; and a dictionary, world atlas, and video content. FULL TEXT Current
  • Grolier Online | (Scholastic)
    Grolier Online is a collection of the full versions of many popular encyclopedia. This collection includes: Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, The New Book of Knowledge, America the Beautiful, Lands and Peoples, Amazing Animals and The New Book of Popular Science. FULL TEXT
  • Oxford English Dictionary
    Authoritative guide to English language meaning, history, usage, and pronunciation. FULL TEXT 1000 - present