San Francisco Public Library


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  • Biographical Information Guide
  • Dorothy Starr Sheet Music Collection
  • Fakebooks
    Database of fakebooks in the San Francisco Public Library\'s reference collection. Fakebooks are printed music collections that contain simplified versions of songs and instrumental music.
  • Genealogy Resources at the Library
    General Collections and Humanities Center on the 3rd floor of the Main Library maintains a thorough circulating and library-use-only print collection of materials that can aid the amateur genealogist.
  • Newspaper Clipping Files
    Clippings of the daily and Sunday editions of the San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle. Other publications include the Bay Guardian, S.F. Arts Monthly, Nob Hill Gazette, SF Weekly and the Independent, and several neighborhood newsletters. In addition to newspaper clippings, these files contain catalogues, programs, schedules and brochures.
  • Northern California Composers
    Listing of composers active in Northern California since the 1840s. All names included may be found in dictionaries and directories - both published and unpublished - from 1934 to the present
  • Orchestral Music Sets
    Library users can use the sets within the Library. Sets are loaned to organizations that have established agreements with the Art, Music and Recreation Center of the San Francisco Public Library.
  • Searching for Songs
    Locating songs can be very simple or can require detailed research. Because no single approach is complete, a number of different strategies are offered for finding and verifying the titles of popular songs.