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Stock Research

How to find stock price quotes and related company information

Current Stock Price Quotes

Our investing databases, Morningstar, Valueline and Weiss Ratings have excellent current stock investor information, including analysis and stock quotes, as well as mutual fund analysis and recommendations. There are also a number of sources for current stock price quotes are on the Internet.

Historical Stock Price Quotes

Print Sources

Researching Older Companies and Their Stock

What if you can't find a company listed in current sources? Maybe the company has merged with or been taken over by another company; or maybe its name has changed. Perhaps it is no longer in business. The sources below will help you with your research.

Online Resources

Check a current periodical or newspaper index such as InfoTrac or Proquest to see if there is any mention of your company. Also try our company information databases such as Mergent and Business & Company Resource Center, both of which have history tabs with details about a company’s development over time.

Print Sources