San Francisco Public Library

Competition Research

Along with an understanding of the target market and the industry trends overall, it’s important to identify your competitors and find out as much as possible about them, in order to position yourself well. For competition research, our databases can be a timesaver and a great source of information.

Reference USA allows you to quickly create lists of companies by type of business, location (state, region, city, zip, or street), size, and many other criteria. Other databases offer the ability to not only build lists of competitors, but then immediately link to articles and financial information about your competitors. Good market research can help you create a strong business plan to start a business, or improve your marketing to help grow your business. We look forward to helping you!

California and Bay Area business directories such as Rich's Everyday Prospecting Guides or the California Manufacturer's Register are kept at the Business, Science & Technology Center Desk. Manufacturing directories for all other states are in the U.S. Industry & Trade Collection.

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