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Title: Busted: Self Portrait / Autobiography Vol. 1
I mended the vandal’s slashing in the front of Bust with fleshy colored vellum to underscore his assault. Then I replied to him with a centerfold and the quote from The Female Body in Western Culture: Contemporary Perspectives (in red at the top). I chose a kind of messy, colorful style to work in which refers to Second Wave Feminism (1970s), the era of feminism that I come from. I included images of women who really knock me out like Hannah Wilke (color image on the lower right) and her brave work first as a glamorous, sexy high heeled feminist and later as she was dying of cancer. Louise Bourgeois, with her breast dress was a must-include, too... I really liked reading this book on third wave feminism and might not have read it if I hadn’t worked on this project. Many of the ideas and attitudes seemed exciting and new. When I was done I had a better idea for how to do the book, I guess I’ll do that later. If you want more information about feminism, or these artists, ask a Librarian! I always do.

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