San Francisco Public Library

ARTICLE III - Library Commission

ARTICLE III - Library Commission Section 1: Number The Library Commission is part of the executive branch of the government of the City and County of San Francisco. Seven Library Commissioners are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Mayor. Section 2: Term of Appointment Commissioners serve staggered terms of four years. In some instances, members are appointed to serve out the remainder of an unexpired term. Section 3: Compensation Unless the Board of Supervisors decides to enact an ordinance that provides for compensation of Commissioners in accordance with Section A8.400 of the San Francisco Charter, Commissioners shall serve without compensation. Commissioners, as officers of the City and County of San Francisco, shall be entitled to health benefits in accordance with Section A8.420 of the Charter. Section 4: Oath of Public Office Swearing to the Oath of Public Office constitutes the Commissioner's sworn responsibility to the public trust. Section 5: Function The Library Commission formulates, evaluates and approves goals, objectives, plans and programs and sets policies for the Library consistent with the overall objectives of the City and County; develops and keeps current an Annual Statement of Purpose outlining its areas of jurisdiction, authorities, purpose and goals; approves (after public hearing) Library budgets or any budget modifications or fund transfers requiring the approval of the Board of Supervisors; recommends to the Mayor rates, fees and similar charges with respect to Library items; nominates qualified applicants for the position of City Librarian for appointment by the Mayor; monitors the performance of the City Librarian who serves at the pleasure of the Commission; investigates any aspect of governmental operations within the Library; exercises other powers and duties prescribed by the Board of Supervisors; and appoints an executive secretary who serves at the pleasure of the Commission to manage the affairs and operations of the Commission. The Commission shall evaluate the performance of the City Librarian and the Secretary to the Library Commission at least once a year. Section 6: Excused Absences Prior notification of absence from Commission meetings constitutes an excused absence. An absence due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or emergency shall also qualify as an excused absence where the member reports such absence to the Commission Secretary as soon as reasonably possible. The Commission Secretary shall record all unexcused absences involving neither advance notice nor unforeseen circumstances. The Commission Secretary shall report all instances of unexcused absences as well as any of three consecutive absences of a member from regular meetings in a fiscal year to the Mayor's Commission Liaison and the Commission. Next Page