San Francisco Public Library

Rules for Community Use Page 4

Library Fees:

Fee Waivers:

Fees for special use of Library meeting rooms may be waived only under the following circumstances:

  1. Cancellation is given with appropriate notice (see ‘Cancellation’, page 3)
  2. Emergency situations (earthquakes, fire, etc.) whereby the use of the room(s) will best serve the public good (to be determined and authorized by the Library Commission only).

Emergency Evacuation Procedures for Use Of Koret Auditorium & Latino/Hispanic Community Meeting Rooms:

The meeting coordinator (‘primary contact person’ on application) assumes the temporary role of emergency evacuation warden for their event. They are required to be present for the entire event until all attendees have vacated and security notified.

Prior to Your Event

The Meeting Room Manager will review your role as evacuation warden: