San Francisco Public Library

Notice of Meeting - July 25, 2001

A special meeting of the San Francisco Public Library Commission called by the Commission President will be held as follows: Date: Wednesday, July 25, 2001
Time: 5:30 PM Note Special Day and Time
Place: Koret Auditorium, Main Library, lower level The meeting will be called to order. 1. BRANCH LIBRARY SITE SELECTION REPORT - ACTION Presentation, discussion, and possible action to approve the selection of new sites for the Ingleside and Portola Branch Libraries and to authorize the Department of Real Estate to negotiate and enter into purchase agreements with the property owners of the proposed branch library sites. Explanatory documents: site selection recommendations report 2. PUBLIC COMMENT - DISCUSSION (This item is to allow members of the public to comment generally on matters within the Commission’s purview as well as to suggest new agenda items for the Library Commission’s future consideration.) 3. ADJOURNMENT - ACTION (requires motion and public comment) * Public comment will be taken before or during the Library Commission's consideration of each agenda item. ** Explanatory documents: Copies of explanatory documents listed in this agenda, and other related materials received by the Library Commission after the posting of this agenda, can be obtained from the Office of the Library Commission, Main Library, 6th Floor and also, to the extent possible, will be available on the Library’s website at 07/05/01 - M.Housh, Commission Secretary