San Francisco Public Library

Library Commission Minutes - February 17, 2005

SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY COMMISSION Minutes of the regular meeting of Thursday, February 17, 2005. (As approved March 17, 2005) The San Francisco Public Library Commission held a regular meeting on Thursday, February 17, 2005 in the Koret Auditorium, Main Library. The meeting was called to order by President Higueras at 4:20pm. The following members were present: Chin, Coulter, Higueras, and Steiman Commissioners Bautista and Strobin were reported excused attendance. Agenda Items: 1) City Librarian Appointment 2) Public Comment 4) Bernal Neights Branch Library Renovation 3) Approval of the Minutes January 20, 2005 5) 2005-2006 Library Budget Adjournment APPENDIX A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM #1 CITY LIBRARIAN APPOINTMENT President Higueras officially announced Mayor Newsom’s appointment of Luis Herrera as the new City Librarian on February 15, 2005. President Higueras reported in accordance with Gillespie vs. San Francisco Public Library Commission that all Commissioners (Bautista, Chin, Coulter, Higueras, Steiman, and Strobin) present at the December 6, 2004 Special Library Commission meeting closed session had voted unanimously to propose Mr. Herrera along with other candidates to the Mayor for appointment as City Librarian. President Higueras applauded Acting City Librarian Paul Underwood’s outstanding service while serving as Acting City Librarian. Acting City Librarian Paul Underwood lauded Mr. Herrera’s selection and then introduced the new Chief of Technical Services, Ms. Pat Fahrenhold who briefly discussed her professional background and experience. Public comment on AGENDA ITEM #1CITY LIBRARIAN APPOINTMENT An anonymous member of the public suggested collusion between the Library and the Office of the City Attorney to obscure the origins of lawsuit cited by the Commission President when reporting the Commission’s vote on nominating Mr. Herrera to the Mayor for appointment as City Librarian. This person then said, don’t give money to the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library, don’t accept money from the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library. This person next commented that they had been the original author of this lawsuit as well as many others against the Library. This individual characterized these efforts as like those of Washington in the American Revolution against King George III. This person suggested that perhaps the tape of this closed session might be lost as a previous tape related to the cited case had been lost. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM #2 PUBLIC COMMENT An anonymous member of the public commented don’t give money to the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library; don’t accept money from the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library. This person then recalled their more than 30 years of attendance at Library Commission meetings likening it to a spiritual journey in Alice in Wonderland. This person recalled many slights they had received and proposed that such slights were a means to disenfranchise and limit participation. Mr. Peter Warfield criticized the Library planned use of RFID technology suggesting it smacked of secret surveillance and dismissed the Library’s rationale that the technology could reduce employee injuries as unproven. Annie, a teen user, requested that the Library provide more and larger dedicated program spaces for teenage library users. President Higueras announced that he was changing the order of items on the meeting agenda to take up Agenda Item # 4 BERNAL HEIGHTS BRANCH LIBRARY RENOVATION next. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM #4 BERNAL HEIGHTS BRANCH LIBRARY RENOVATION BLIP Manager Marilyn Thompson presented an overview of the Library’s outreach and community involvement process since the Summer of 2004 to inform the Bernal Heights community concerning the proposed renovation of the branch library and gather input on what the neighborhood wanted in their renovated branch. Ms. Thompson then outlined the history of the existing branch facilities noting its design by Fred Meyer in 1940 and discussed its seismic safety issues as well as many outdated and out of compliance with current building codes issues that the renovation would have to address. The BLIP Manager then provided background to the Commissioners about the City College State Preschool for low-income families that had operated in the lower level of the branch library for two decades without any lease or written agreement with the Library. Ms. Thompson reported that the Branch facility’s two year long renovation process would require that the Preschool relocate. Ms. Thompson then discussed the proposed library uses including: seismic safety and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) improvements; relocation and improvement to the staff work areas; relocation and expansion of the Children’s Library; creation of an enhanced program/community meeting space; and creation of a dedicated Teen area upstairs, that would require use of all of the space in the renovated branch building for library purposes. Ms. Thompson noted that care would be taken to preserve the historic features of the building and reported that the project was expected to begin in the Spring of 2006 and take two years to complete reopening in 2008. Ms. Thompson noted that a peer review of the proposed Branch’s design would be presented at an upcoming Library Commission meeting. Deputy City Attorney Catharine Barnes responding to Commissioners comments noted that legal authority to approve or disapprove of the Preschool’s use of space in the Branch Library was retained by City’s Department of Administrative Services subject to by approval of the Board of Supervisors and that while the Library Commission could make strong recommendations to the Board of Supervisors the Commissioners did not have final authority to render a decision on such a use. The BLIP Manager informed that Commissioners that Mr. Steve Suzuki, Asian Neighborhood Design, and Mr. Mauricio Vela, a proponent of the San Francisco Community College District’s State Preschool retaining use of dedicated space in the renovated branch library facility, as well as representatives of City College had been invited to make presentations as part of report on this agenda item. Mr. Suzuki briefly outlined efforts on the part of the Asian Neighborhood Design team to consider options that would allow for both expanded library services and retention of use of library space by the State Preschool in a renovated Bernal Heights Branch Library Mr. Mauricio Vela, Parent Voices, and some preschool parents; Ms. Sandra Peralta, and Lydia, urged the Commissioners to provide the City College State Preschool with a dedicated space in the renovated Branch facility. Isabel, a preschool Parent, spoke in support of the expansion and renovation of the Branch Library and with changes allowing inclusion of the Bernal Heights State Preschool Program. Ms. Peralta suggested that the Preschool wanted only to share use of space in the Branch Library as it always had and called attention to the security and accessibility of the branch location. Ms. Sandra Peralta highlighted the importance of the preschool program for her four year old son and noted the lack of options for low-income families and found it unfair that the Library would seek to take away this benefit that was a tradition in the Bernal Heights Community. Ms. Peralta again noted that the Preschool only wished to share space in the Branch Library and that it benefited all of the children in the community to have the Preschool located in the Branch Library. Lydia, a Preschool Parent, requested that the Preschool be allowed to return after the Branch was renovated calling attention to the Preschool’s clean and safe location, close to its student’s homes, accessible to transit, and to play areas. This parent said that a majority of the Bernal Heights Community supported retaining the Preschool in the Branch Library. Alisa, a Preschool Parent, urged the Commissioners to allow the Preschool to return after the Branch Library was renovated and be granted permanent use of its space in the facility. Lisa then called attention to the importance of the program to low-income families in the Bernal heights Community. Mr. Mauricio Vela, a Parent’s Voices volunteer and 16 year resident of Bernal Heights, suggested that a way could be found to accommodate both the Library’s program needs as well as the Preschool; and commented that the proposed staff work areas and the community meeting/program space were not needed. Mr. Vela and the parents presented the Commissioners with a “Save the Preschool Stop the Eviction” photo poster”. Mr. Vela then suggested that the Preschool should have priority for use of dedicated space over other proposed uses in the renovated branch library because it was a community institution and such a critically important resource for its students and their families. Mr. Vela pledged to continue his involvement in discussions concerning the proposed Bernal Heights Branch Library renovation and work to find a way to secure the future of the City College State Preschool in the branch library. Mr. Vela commented that in his view the Library was responsible for creating divisions in the Bernal Heights Community when it had not including the Preschool in its plans for the branch library. Mr. Vela concluded by remarking “Save the Preschool, Stop the Eviction”. Ms. Thompson the presentation noting that all options would require additional study and that this matter would again be addressed and questions answered at the Commission’s March 17th meeting. Public comment on AGENDA ITEM #4 BERNAL HEIGHTS BRANCH LIBRARY RENOVATION Mr. Art Atkinson, an 18 years resident of Bernal Heights, pointed out that the Branch Library needed to serve the entire community, and recommended that the proposed renovation expanding children’s and teen library services go forward as planned. An anonymous member of the public commented that in their view the Library first obligation in this case was to honor its existing obligations. This individual pointed out that considering other partnerships undertaken by the Library and its variable determinations of what was and was not library services; the Library should respect this poor community and consider their “sweat equity” contributions to the Branch. Ms. Georgia Willet, an Alemany neighborhood resident rose to commend Mr. Vela’s record of community leadership and urged that the Commissioners respect his request to save the Preschool. Rosaria, a site supervisor at the State Preschool, noted that the Preschool Parents were not used to being in the spotlight; were unused to having their requests listened too; and that many could not attend the Commission meeting to express their concerns. She found sad that this low income program, a city agency not a private club, but instead representing true diversity was being threatened, and that it too deserved taxpayer support. She said it was sad to see the community so separated. Ms. Claudia Sigmund, discussed the importance public private partnerships to support of childcare opportunities and noted that most childcare facilities operated on a very thin margin and that this center had only survived because it was located in the Branch Library for free. Randy, a San Francisco City College Student and resident of Bernal Heights, commented that the Branch Library should remain a library and could not afford to support the State Preschool. He noted that the College District needed to accept its responsibilities for its own program and find a home for its program. An anonymous member of the public thanked all of those participating, noted the Commissioners were listening, and then this person named a list of individuals they said were in support of keeping the Preschool in the Branch Library. Mr. Rudy Corpuz, a Bernal Heights resident and community outreach worker, spoke on behalf of the neighborhood children, noting that the Preschool’s program was working for low-income children and that it was important to keep the preschool in the branch library. Ms. Jennifer Norris, a longtime Bernal Heights’ resident and weekly Branch user, lauded the excellence of the Preschool’s program but noted that the that as the Preschool had to relocate for two years because of the Branch building’s reconstruction that the Bernal Heights Community would find a new permanent location to continue the preschool. Ms. Norris again called attention to the importance of expanded library services for all of the neighborhood’s children and teens and called for the best possible renovated branch library and expressed interest in seeing the options available. Mr. David Turner, a 30 year resident of Bernal Heights, commented that people needed to get together to find a solution to this situation, and noted that it was very important that the proposed expansion of library services benefiting the entire community go forward. Mr. Turner particularly noted that creation of dedicated space for teen users was an important priority given the limited options for teens in the community. Ms. Kate Gough noted that there were long waiting lists for few available preschool spaces and questioned the fairness of the Preschool’s practice to grant preference to siblings of current and past students limiting access for others. Ms. Gough suggested that the preschool needed to find a nice new location and that the division in the neighborhood over this issue was unnecessary. Mr. Matt Springer, a concerned citizen but not a Bernal Heights resident, questioned why the State Preschool had to be located in the Branch Library suggesting that the Preschool parents had not provided any compelling reasons that it must be. Mr. Springer urged the Commissioners to go forward with the planned renovation of the Branch Library to serve the entire community and suggested that the State Preschool would be able to find a good local space. Isola, an early childhood development specialist, called attention to the important mental health service provided to the Preschool’s student for ten years, the high quality of the Preschool’s staffing and programs and urged that it be allowed to retain dedicated space in the renovated Branch Library. Mr. Bill Sorro, a 40 year Bernal Heights resident and civic leader, called attention to the loss of services for poor residents in Bernal Heights and expressed great concerns with what he saw as increasing changes that pushed poor resident out of the community. Mr. Sorro noted that the community had lost a previous struggle to preserve another low-income preschool program and could not afford to lose this one. Mr. Sorro noted that the Preschool only requested shared use of 13 per cent of the space in the Branch Library; that the Preschool’s programs promoted literacy a central role of the library; and that the Library Commission would have to accept responsibility for their actions. Ms. Shefran Lahetas, 12 year Bernal Heights’ resident, loved both Branch Library and the Preschool and said as the neighborhood had become more affluent, low-income people were being pushed from the Community and by hosting the preschool the Library would help the children become literate. Ms. Marie Mueller, a parent participating in another cooperative preschool, noted that the neighborhood needed both a good branch library and a home for the preschool. She noted that the proposed renovation would bring the Bernal Heights Branch Library up to the higher standards of services provided at other neighborhood branch libraries. She recommended that the Library name a liaison to the community to clear up the communication breakdown. Ms. Rosanne Liggett, Bernal Heights’ representative on the Council of Neighborhood Libraries and volunteer at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center supported the proposed plan for renovation of the Bernal Heights Branch Library and suggested that as it was very important that the community would find a new home for the Preschool. She noted that the Library was not responsible for the preschool’s problems and that they should find a new permanent home. Ms. Demece Garepis, called attention to the “Gabriel Sharing Fund” that she had begun in memory of her son and spoke of her love and support for both the Bernal Heights Branch Library and the State Preschool. Ms. Garepis commented that everyone should cooperate to find a way to assist the preschool and called attention to a letter in support of the Preschool she had submitted to the Commissioners and the funds she had raised to support the Branch Library. Ms. Ellen Egbert, 30 year resident of Bernal Heights recalled the years of struggle and effort that neighborhood residents had given to preserve the branch library and to gain support for its renovation. Ms. Egbert noted that the current Children’s Library was too small and teen users lacked their own space. Ms. Egbert pointed out that the Branch Library served the entire community and was especially important to the diverse language communities that lived in the neighborhood. Ms. Egbert noted that expanding library services for everyone was not gentrification. Ms. Muriel Meunier-Fiebelkorn, Director of the City College State Preschool at the Bernal Heights Branch Library, proposed to continue to dialogue and outlined her efforts to identify a suitable temporary location, address the complex regulations and costly relocation issues involved in such a move, and promised to continue to work with the community to resolve this issue. Mr. David Robinson, a Co-chair of the Precita Valley Neighborhood Association, reported his neighbors’ support for the renovation of the Branch Library and suggested that the State Preschool be relocated elsewhere in the neighborhood. Mr. Robinson called attention to the critical importance of expanded library services to the entire Bernal Heights Community. Mr. Emil DeGuzman commented that this issue reflected underlying class/racial divisions in the Bernal Heights Community and suggested that those calling for the preschool to relocate were saying “not in my backyard” to services for low income residents. Mr. DeGuzman urged that the Preschool remain located in the Branch Library. Ms. Consuelo Faust-Anderson, an 18 year Bernal Heights’ resident, expressed regret at the disagreements over the future of the Preschool and the Branch Library, and agreed that there were serious class/racial divisions in the community, but they were not the basis of this issue. Ms. Faust-Anderson noted that everyone wanted the Preschool to survive and flourish and also wanted a library able to better serve everyone. She suggested that the community cooperate to find a new home for the preschool and support expanded library services. Ms. Viola Morris, Executive Director of the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, called for everyone concerned to work together to find a way so that the Branch Library and the State Preschool could continue to co-exist and serve the Community. President Higueras called a brief recess at 5:59pm. The Library Commission returned to session at 6:12pm. Commission discussion of AGENDA ITEM #4 BERNAL HEIGHTS BRANCH LIBRARY RENOVATION President Higueras noted that this was a very unfortunate situation and noted the Library’s limited range of options. President Higueras reported that City College was exploring options to address its program’s needs and that everyone was doing everything in their power to review ways to address this problem and would present results of their efforts at the Commission’s March 17, 2005 regular meeting. President Higueras emphasized that all of the true facts needed to be brought forward and an ongoing dialogue among all of the concerned parties be maintained. The Commission President noted the many issues involved in address cross jurisdictional issues between San Francisco City College, a state agency, the Public Library, a City Department, and the San Francisco Unified School District also a state created entity. The Library Commission President observed that that ultimately the Board of Supervisors could overrule any decision that the Library Commission made on this matter. President Higueras pointed out that the decision making process on this question had been and would continue to be an open and public process and that the ultimate goal was to find a solution that was a win for both needs. Commissioner Coulter noted that there had been 24 speakers on this issue and that they had been evenly divided as to what answer they wanted. Commissioner Coulter noted during a recent visit to the Branch he had observed its rundown and substandard condition and suggested that due consideration be given to providing services for those not well served by the existing Branch Library facility. Commissioner Coulter suggested that City College must step forward and assume its responsibilities in helping to craft a fair solution and that in his view the Branch had to be brought up to being on par with the kinds and levels of library services available in the other similar size branch libraries. Commissioner Coulter requested that the legal issues be fully presented and sources of funds were available be identified, so that both the Commissioners and members of the public fully understood the facts that would suggest a solution. Commissioner Chin suggested that the schools had the primary role in addressing childhood development issues and that the Library was best suited to addressing other needs of children. Commissioner Chin called attention to various options, particularly related to the Paul Revere School located two blocks from the Branch Library, that she suggested offered a reasonable solution to the Preschool’s problems. Commissioner Chin suggested that were better ways to offer needed services to low-income minority language children and their families and that expanding library services benefited the entire community. President Higueras requested that Ms. Thompson prepare information on the various options available to the Library Commissioners and in particular create a matrix that clearly laid out comparable matters so that the choices were clear to everyone. Vice President Steiman recommended that this information also be made available to the members of the Board of Supervisors as well. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM #3 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF JANUARY 20, 2005 Public comment on AGENDA ITEM #3 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF JANUARY 20, 2005 An anonymous member of the public noted that the approved Minutes of previous Library Commission meetings were not posted on the Library website as required, that these Minutes had not be available for review prior to the meeting, and commented that these Minutes transcended spin and went to outright fabrication citing public comments this person said had not been made. Mr. Peter Warfield opposed approval of these Minutes for reasons other that its report on the Preschool. Mr. Warfield also noted his general critical comment concerning use of space in the Library related to the Library’s practice of granting free use of spaces in libraries for some but not for all and that he had not mentioned the Friends of the Library by name in his comments. Mr. Warfield suggested that his comments concerning the issues involving the Preschool were only intended to call attention to issues of parity and equality. Finally, Mr. Warfield strongly stated that his public comment finding fault with what he thought to be large numbers of unshelved books on carts in the Main Library was not a criticism of Library staff as reported in the Minutes. Commission discussion of AGENDA ITEM #3 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF JANUARY 20, 2005 MOTION: by Commissioner Chin, 2nd Commissioner Coulter for approval of the minutes of the regular Public Library Commission meeting of January 20, 2005 ACTION: 4-0 AYE (Chin, Coulter, Higueras, and Steiman) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM #5 2005/06 LIBRARY BUDGET Public comment on AGENDA ITEM #3 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF JANUARY 6, 2005 Mr. George Nichols, former Chief Financial Officer of the Library, presented his report on the proposed Library Budget for 2005/06, (copy attached). Mr. Nichols noted that the proposed budget was calendared as an “Action” item that required Commission approval and that an approved budget was due in the Mayor’s Budget Office no later than February 22nd. Mr. Nichols and Acting City Librarian Paul Underwood then highlighted the various budget change proposals included in the proposed 2005-06 Library Budget recommended by staff. In response to questions by Vice President Steiman, Chief of the Main Library Kathy Lawhun discussed in detail the proposed RFID related item and reported on developments, including use of RFID in other libraries, action by the ALA (American Library Association), and recent information regarding safeguarding user privacy, and the employee work related injuries issues, since the Commission last reviewed this matter. Commissioner Coulter expressed dismay that the Library staff had not undertaken steps to actively engage responsible critics of RFID such as the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) in an ongoing cooperative dialog with the Library to proactively address their concerns as had been discussed during the approval of the RFID related funding included in the FY 04-05 Library Budget, put on reserve by the Board of Supervisors, and then subsequently cut from this year’s Library budget. President Higueras urged that staff undertake a greater outreach effort to engage those concerned with possible misuse of RFID technology and bring them into the process. The Acting City Librarian outlined the point that as the funds had been eliminated that there had been little to discuss and that the Library staff was strongly committed to an open process and that the issue was use rather that potential for misuse of this new technology. Mr. Underwood noted that the San Francisco Public Library had been in the forefront of efforts to protect user privacy and was committed to continue to do so. President Higueras noted that as with any new technology with potential for abuse that people might have suspicions and he noted that the Library Commissions was determined not to go foreword with implementation until these questions were satisfactorily resolved. The Acting City Librarian noted that another public forum on RFID related issues could be held as well as an ongoing discussion with groups such as the ACLU and EFF to address their concerns. Commissioner Coulter expressed disappointment that the engagement with reputable civic organizations about their concerns with the use of RFID technology had not been undertaken as the Commission had wished when it approved funding for the initial stages of RFID implementation last year and suggested that if the issue were not properly handled, it would be unlikely to gain approval by the Board of Supervisors. Commissioner Coulter suggested that while another public forum could be useful, it might be more productive for Library staff to engage and to work together with RFID skeptics in a joint fact-finding effort that even if ultimately not leading to agreement on the merit of use of RFID would preclude criticism that the Library had not fully investigated their issues. President Higueras noted that it was important to include Members of the Board of Supervisors in these discussions so as to avoid entangling the other Library budget issues in a protracted controversy concerning RFID. Acting City Librarian Paul Underwood expressed confidence that the staff could appropriately address Supervisors concerns on these issues. Public comment on AGENDA ITEM # 5 2005/06 LIBRARY BUDGET Ms. Melissa Riley, Librarian’s Guild, speaking only for herself indicated that she had questions concerning the readiness of general use of RFID technology, how it might work in practice, and the relatively high cost per chip to install at the present moment, but that she was basically inclined to favor implementation should some of the lingering questions about it be addressed. Ms. Riley inquired as to what would happen to these funds if RFID was not approved; asking if they would remained with the Library. An anonymous member of the public suggested that the Library had not honestly engaged with the ACLU and EFF as well as other members of the public critical of the proposed use of RFID by the Library. This person noted that Mr. Warfield said that he had not requested any confidential medical records but had simply asked to receive information on which the Library based its claims of work related injuries. The anonymous speaker suggested that critics of RFID would be reluctant to work with the Library after being slandered and that the Library had operated in bad faith. This person noted that they had other concerns with the proposed budget but lacked time to discuss them. Mr. Peter Warfield opposed allocation of any funds for RFID and read a statement he attributed to the ACLU opposing allocation of funding for RFID implementation. Mr. Warfield strongly criticized Library staff for failing to meet with critics of RFID, engage in public fact finding, or deal with opponents of RFID seriously on this issue as had been promised. Mr. Warfield claimed that RFID would do nothing to address concerns about RSI (repetitive stress injuries) among library employees, and that there were still many unanswered problems with new technologies in the libraries. Mr. Warfield also complained that the proposed budget did not provide sufficient funds for books. Commission discussion of AGENDA ITEM # 5 2005/06 LIBRARY BUDGET Commissioner Chin announced that she would have to leave the meeting in 10 minutes, (losing the meeting’s quorum). Commissioner Coulter expressed frustration that Library administration had not appropriately engaged the opponents of RFID as he believed would be necessary to secure support for implementation of RFID. Commissioner Coulter noted that the proposed allocation for RFID implementation would be dead on arrival at the Board of Supervisors unless staff actively brought those concerned with its use into a cooperative effort to work together to narrow the range of issues separating them from the Library on this matter and engage in serious public outreach and fact finding to provide reasonable answers for their concerns. Commissioner Coulter indicated that he could only vote to approve the proposed budget if he was assured that Library Administration would response seriously to these concerns and get up to speed in fulfilling its commitment to an open and thorough public airing of all these issues. The Acting City Librarian apologized for staff’s failure to meet the Commission’s expectations in addressing this matter and promised to pro-actively respond to the suggestion made during the meeting, including holding another public forum. President Higueras asked with there were any concerns with any other budget change proposals, and hearting none, called for a motion on approval of the proposed 2005-06 Library Budget. MOTION: by Commissioner Coulter, 2nd Commissioner Steiman for approval of the proposed Library 2005-06 Budget with a stipulation regarding the RFID Budget item that the Acting City Librarian commit to enter into discussions with the ACLU and EFF and engage them in a collaborative effort to address their concerns with the Library’s proposed use of this technology. ACTION: 4-0 AYE (Chin, Coulter, Higueras, and Steiman) Due to an impending loss of the Commission Meeting’s quorum, President Higueras tabled the remaining agenda items and moved immediately to adjournment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AGENDA ITEM # ADJOURNMENT MOTION: by Commissioner Chin, 2nd Commissioner Coulter to adjourn the regular February 17, 2005 Public Library Commission meeting. Public comment on AGENDA ITEM # ADJOURNMENT None offered ACTION: AYE 4-0 (Chin, Coulter, Higueras, Steiman) The Commission meeting adjourned at 8:03pm. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael Housh, Commission Secretary 3/1/05 Please note: Copies of Commission Minutes and handouts are available in the Office of the Commission Secretary, 100 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 ATTACHMENTS: Bernal Heights Branch Library Floor plan (February 17, 2005) Bernal Heights Branch Library Floor plan (October 6, 2004) Asian Neighborhood Design Options for the Bernal Heights State Pre-School memo SFPL 2005-06 Budget report (February 17, 2005) BLIP Summary Schedule, Budget, and Construction Reports -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Library Commission meeting of February 17, 2005 Appendix A The Public Comment Summary Statements included in these Minutes are authorized by San Francisco Administrative Code Section 67.16. These summary statements are provided by the speaker. Their contents are neither generated by, nor subject to approval or verification of accuracy by, the San Francisco Public Library Commission. Explanatory documents: Copies of listed explanatory documents are available as follows: (1) from the Commission Secretary/Custodian of Records, Main Library, 6th Floor, (2) in the rear of the Koret Auditorium immediately before and during the meeting, and (3) to the extent possible, on the Library's Web site . Additional materials not listed as explanatory documents, if any, that are distributed to the Library Commissioners prior to or during the meeting in connection with any agenda item will be available to the public for inspection and copying in accordance with Government Code Section 54954.1 and Sunshine Ordinance §§ 67.9, 67.28(b) & 67.28(d).