San Francisco Public Library

LGBT San Francisco Book List

Forging gay identities: organizing sexuality in San Francisco, 1950-1994
Armstrong, Elizabeth A.
305.9066 Ar575f
Gay by the Bay: A history of queer culture in the San Francisco Bay Area
Stryker, Susan and Van Buskirk, Jim
306.7667 St89g
Gay and lesbian San Francisco
Lipsky, William
306.766 L6692g
Out in the Castro: desire, promise, activism
edited by Leyland, Winston
306.0979 Ou81
La société invertie: ou, Les gais de San Francisco
Dreuilhe, A. E.
305.9066 D818s
San Francisco's Castro
de Jim, Strange
979.461 D368s
Wide open town: a history of queer San Francisco to 1965
Boyd, Nan Alamilla
305.9066 B6927w

LGBT San Francisco: Essays in Anthologies

Cities on a hill: a journey through contemporary American cultures
FitzGerald, Frances

"The Castro" pp. 25-119

309.173 F576c
The city and the grassroots: a cross-cultural theory of urban social movements
Castells, Manuel

"Cultural identity, sexual liberation, and urban structure: the gay community in San Francisco," pp. 138-170

323.35 C277c
Creating a place for ourselves: lesbian, gay, and bisexual community histories
edited by Beemyn, Brett

"'Homos invade S.F.!' San Francisco's history as a wide-open town" by Nan Alamilla Boyd pp. 73-95

305.9066 C86
Hidden from history: reclaiming the gay and lesbian past
edited by Duberman, Martin Bauml; Vicinus, Martha and Chauncey, George Jr.

"Gay politics and community in San Francisco since World War II," by John D'Emilio pp. 456-473

392.6 H5296
Homosexualities: a study of diversity among men and women
Bell, Alan P. and Weinberg, Martin S.

"Ethnography of the Bay Area homosexual scene" pp. 233-263

392.6 B413h
In changing times: gay men and lesbians encounter HIV/AIDS
edited by Levine, Martin P.; Nardi, Peter M. and Gagnon, John H.

"Elegy for the valley of kings: AIDS and the leather community in San Francisco, 1981-1996" by Gayle S. Rubin pp. 101-144

362.1969 In102
Leatherfolk: radical sex, people, politics, and practice
edited by Thompson, Mark

"The catacombs: a temple of the butthole," by Gayle Rubin pp. 119-141

306.775 L483 2001
Neighborhoods in transition: the making of San Francisco's ethnic and nonconformist communities
Godfrey, Brian J.

"Postwar nonconformists: beats, hippies, & gays" pp. 113-123

910.6 C12 v.27
Policing public sex: queer politics and the future of AIDS activism
edited by Bedfellows, Dangerous

"The history of gay bathhouses" by Allan Berube pp. 187-220

306.7 P7587
Queer sites: gay urban histories since 1600
edited by Higgs, David

"San Francisco" by Les Wright pp. 164-189

305.3896 Q31
Reclaiming San Francisco: history, politics, culture : a City Lights anthology
edited by Brook, James; Carlsson, Chris and Peters, Nancy J.

"The miracle mile: south of Market and gay male leather, 1962-1997" by Gayle S. Rubin pp. 247-272

979.461 R244
Sexual deviance
edited by Gagnon, John H. and Simon, William

"The development of the homosexual bar as an institution," by Nancy Achilles pp. 228-244

392.6 G122s 1969
Sexual politics, sexual communities: the making of a homosexual minority in the United States, 1940-1970
D'Emilio, John

"The movement and the subculture converge: San Francisco during the early 1960s" pp. 176-195

392.6 D395s