San Francisco Public Library

Richmond Eats FAQ

Q: Where do I bring my menus, photographs and menus for scanning?
A: To the Program Room in the Richmond Branch Library located at 351 9th Avenue (between Clement and Geary). Enter via 10th Avenue entrance. Telephone: (415) 355-5600.

Q: What objects can I bring in?
A: Menus, photographs, and recipes related to the Richmond District.

Q: How many total menus, photographs and recipes can I bring in?
A: Up to 5 total

Q: What are acceptable menu and or photographs sizes?
A: Menus up to 11 x 17 inches and photographs up to 8 x 10 inches

Q: When can I bring in my menus, photographs and or recipes for scanning?
A: The project dates and hours are as follow:

Tuesday 6/1 10-7p.m.
Wednesday 6/2 10-7p.m.
Thursday 6/3 1-7p.m.
Friday 6/4 1-4p.m.
Saturday 6/5 10-4p.m.

Q: Will my objects be scanned while I wait or will I have to leave them?
A: Your materials will be scanned while you wait.

Q: Will I need to sign any photo/image release form?
A: You are required to sign the Registration Form for the project in which you agree to share your scanned menus, photographs and or menus with the San Francisco Public Library. The scanned images will become property of San Francisco Public Library.

Q: Can I bring in born digital media?
A: Born digital media is images that have been taken with a cell phone or digital camera. The project is not accepting born digital images or digital copies of scanned photographs.

Q: What if English is not my first language? Will translators be available?
A: A Russian interpreter and a Chinese translator will be on site for the duration of the project.

Q: What if I have a cookbook to donate?
A: San Francisco related cookbooks can be donated to the San Francisco History Center (415-557-4567) of the Main Library to be incorporated into the archives. Donated books are sold at book sales and may also become part of the library’s collections. You may bring up to 5 books to the Richmond Branch Library. For donations of 5 boxes or more, please call our Donation Center for a Pick-Up at 415-522-8604 located at 438 Treat Avenue (between 17th and 18th and Folsom and Harrison Streets.)

Q: What if I cannot come to the Richmond branch from June 1-5?
A: This pilot project is for a limited time only but if you wish to donate any San Francisco menus or photographs you may contact the San Francisco History Center at the Main Library, 415-557-4567, to make a donation.

Q: Can I see a sample of how my information will be used by Internet Archives and the Library?
A: Yes, please visit the following link to see a sample: to see a sample.