San Francisco Public Library

Fiction: Young Readers Reading List

Someone Is Hiding on Alcatraz Island
Bunting, Eve
The Bridge of Time
Buzbee, Lewis
Al Capone Does My Shirts
*Choldenko, Gennifer
By the Great Horn Spoon!
Fleischman, Sid
Into the Firestorm: A Novel of San Francisco, 1906
Hopkinson, Deborah
Ketchum, Liza
Nim and the War Effort
Lee, Milly
Balloon Boy of San Francisco
Leland, Dorothy Kupcha
Meet Julie: An American Girl
*McDonald, Megan
Earthquake in the Early Morning
Osborne, Mary Pope
PaperQuake: A Puzzle
Reiss, Kathryn
The New Year Dragon Dilemma
Roy, Ron
At the Sound of the Beep
Sachs, Marilyn
Nate the Great, San Francisco Detective
Sharmat, Marjorie W.
Black and Blue Magic
Snyder, Zilpha Keatley
Taking Sides
Soto, Gary
Peppermints in the Parlor
Wallace, Barbara Brooks
The Dragon’s Child: A Story of Angel Island
Yep, Laurence
The Star Maker
Yep, Laurence