San Francisco Public Library

Non-Fiction Books

Barrio: Jose’s Neighborhood
Ancona, George
City By the Bay: A Magical Journey Around San Francisco
Brown, Tricia
Mission San Francisco de Asis
Edgar, Kathleen
Golden Gate Bridge
Fandel, Jennifer
Angel Island
Flanagan, Alice K.
This Is Our Time!: The 2010 San Francisco World Series Champions San Francisco Giants
Haft, Chris
City I Love
Hopkins, Lee Bennett
Life in San Francisco’s Chinatown
Isaacs, Sally Senzell
The Harvey Milk Story
Krakow, Kari
Evelyn Cisneros: Prima Ballerina
Krohn, Katherine
Meet My Grandmother: She’s a United States Senator
McElroy, Lisa Tucker
Murphy, Pat
Around San Francisco with Kids: 68 Great Things to Do Together
Norton, Clark
The Story of the San Francisco Giants
Richardson, Adele
Golden Gate Bridge
Riggs, Kate
San Francisco Youth Working It Out: San Francisco Youth Solve Real Problems
San Francisco’s Famous Sea Lions
Shehata, Kat
San Francisco Earthquake, 1989
Sherrow, Victoria
Humphrey, the Lost Whale: A True Story
Tokuda, Wendy
West from Home
Wilder, Laura Ingalls
The Lost Garden
Yep, Laurence
San Francisco: A Mini History
Zauner, Phyllis

*Look for other relevant titles by this author, possibly in the same series.