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On the Same Page: Fruit of the Drunken Tree

book coverFruit of the Drunken Tree
Ingrid Rojas Contreras

The Drunken Tree (Árbol del Borrachero in Spanish) is  a flowering plant native to tropical regions in South America. Its fruit is well-known for being extremely toxic and having a hallucinogenic effect when inhaled or consumed. This is the perfect metaphor for an extraordinary novel that describes the devastating effects of the cocaine drug wars of 1980’s Colombia, during the reign of drug lord Pablo Escobar. Partly based on the author’s real-life experiences growing up in Bogotá, Fruit of the Drunken Tree is a vivid portrait of innocent young lives caught in the middle of a horrifying conflict.

About the Author

A Bay Area resident, Ingrid Rojas Contreras’ short stories have appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Electric Literature, Guernica, and Huffington Post, among other publications. She is also the book columnist for KQED, the Bay Area’s NPR affiliate, and has taught at Stanford University and the University of San Francisco. She currently teaches writing to immigrant high school students as part of a San Francisco Arts Commission initiative bringing artists into public schools. Fruit of the Drunken Tree is her first novel.
“Multiply me when necessary, make me disappear when peremptory. Transform me into light when there is shadow, into a star when in the desert.” — Ingrid Rojas Contreras, Fruit of the Drunken Tree
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