North Beach Branch Facilities Survey

Image of North Beach Branch LibraryBACKGROUND Year Built: 1959 Architect: Appleton & Wolfard Seismic Hazard Rating 3 Number of Stories 1 Multi-Level Type: Modern Address: 2000 Mason Street Gross Sq. Ft.: 5,530


The proposed plan is to seismically upgrade the structure, make the multi-level layout, ADA accessible and add program space. The recommended seismic strengthening will include foundation improvements, new steel braced frames, new concrete walls, creation of a roof diaphragm, glass replacement, and new collector beams. The seismic strengthening work will directly trigger associated disabled access, code improvements and environmental hazard mitigation.

The building has a sloping roof consisting of wooden joists spanning between glue laminated beams which are supported by reinforced masonry walls and piers. The building envelope consists of glass in-fill walls, masonry walls and masonry piers.

The path of travel associated with the seismic strengthening work will meet State (Title 24) and Federal (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessibility guidelines. The seismic and access work will also trigger a number of health and safety improvements. All restrooms in the facility will be renovated to make them accessible. In addition, service counters, work areas, and online catalog terminals will become accessible.

Building code related work will involve updating the building to comply with current life safety requirements for exiting, heating, ventilation, plumbing electrical, lighting and other control systems. A new forced air heating system and improved lighting will be provided.

Current law requires removal of asbestos-containing materials (ACM's) such as plasterboard walls, vinyl flooring, and roofing directly impacted by the anticipated construction activities. Significant impact on pipe insulation and flooring materials are expected from the installation of footings, chords and collectors, and shear walls. The removal of ACM's will require relocation of the building occupants to avoid potential health risks. Lead that is impacted will also be removed.

The proposed modernization plan envisions an expanded facility to accommodate new and flexible program areas. Work includes a refurbished children’s reading room; increased staff workspace; computer learning area, and additional shelving. Other work includes upgrading electrical and HVAC systems; replacing flooring; interior painting; adding data/electrical outlets; renovating/expanding program space; redesigning all service desks; and renovating the small basement.



  1. The entire structure needs to be evaluated for the possibility of adding a new floor to support additional program space above the existing story.
  2. Foundation-to-wall or foundation-to-pilaster connections need to be strengthened.
  3. Pilasters are not braced and may not act in unison with the whole structure.
  4. Perimeter wall has gaps in structural continuity.
  5. Short walls connected to glue-lam beams need to be strengthened.
  6. Connections between wall and roof need reinforcement.

Non-Structural Deficiencies

  1. Perimeter glass could potentially become a falling hazard during a major seismic event.
  2. Required exiting, if not maintained, could create a hazard when trying to vacate the building during a seismic event.


  1. Add footings, walls, bracing, floor diaphragm, and other structural elements as necessary for supporting a second floor above the existing story.
  2. Strengthen foundations by adding shotcrete to existing footings.
  3. Build new floor connecting perimeter footings together.
  4. Add concrete walls to reinforce existing pilasters and columns.
  5. Strengthen the connections between pilasters and walls to the roof.
  6. Add a horizontal diaphragm connecting roof members together with the supporting walls.
  7. Add diagonal bracing where necessary to reinforce structural gaps along perimeter wall.

Non-Structural Measures

  1. Replace glass with tempered glass or other type of safety glass.
  2. Provide exits with adequate panic hardware and door clearances.


  1. Multi-Level layout precludes wheelchair users from using the library.
  2. Restrooms are not accessible.
  3. Work areas, service counters, and other amenities are not accessible.
  4. Site constraints prevent adequate entrance or exiting requirements from being met.


  1. Add an elevator strategically located to provide access to all existing levels as well as the proposed second floor.
  2. Maintain proper entry and exiting clearances for proper access.
  3. Make all restrooms accessible.
  4. Make all work areas, service counters, and other amenities accessible.


  1. The building has a forced air heating system in place that may not be adequate to serve two floors and is in need of replacement.
  2. The mechanical equipment room is not adequate for its intended use.
  3. The boiler is in need of replacement.
  4. The air distribution ducts are in good condition, but may need modifications if expanded.
  5. The water heater and pipe distribution systems are in need of replacement.


  1. Replace and expand the existing HVAC system to serve two floors.
  2. Create a new mechanical room with an expanded HVAC system.
  3. Replace water distribution and drainage system to work with new two-story layout.
  4. Provide continuous ventilation in all restrooms during hours of library operation.


  1. Main service point and electrical panel is not sufficient to serve the anticipated added load.
  2. Power distribution systems and power outlet locations do not provide for a new flexible layout.
  3. The building lacks adequate data line / communication systems.
  4. Outdate lighting is in need of replacement.


  1. Replace existing service with an underground transformer and main panel of sufficient capacity to serve library needs.
  2. Replace electrical power distribution systems with flexible outlet locations.
  3. Add new data line and communication distribution system and outlets as required for a flexible layout.
  4. Replace all lighting with energy efficient lighting throughout the facility.


  1. The building has some emergency exiting signs and emergency lighting but not enough.
  2. The building lacks a sufficient number of fire extinguishers.
  3. The building lacks a fire sprinkler system.
  4. The building lacks adequate exterior and interior security lighting.
  5. The security grilles are in need of replacement.


  1. Add emergency exiting signs and emergency lighting as required.
  2. Add fire extinguishers as required.
  3. Add a fire sprinkler system.
  4. Add exterior and interior security lighting as required.
  5. Replace security grilles that fit with the character of the building.


  1. Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) are identified throughout the building.


  1. Abate asbestos if found in the damaged gypsum board ceiling.
  2. Where impacted by construction, abate asbestos in built up roof and flashing, flexible duct connectors/duct joint tape/compound, vinyl sheet/tile and mastic, ceramic floor/wall tile grout, mastic and vapor barrier, exterior awning stucco, 12"x12"ACT mastic undamaged gypsum board ceiling, resilient baseboard and associated mastic, and fire door core insulation.
  3. Lead that is impacted by construction shall also be mitigated.


  1. Floor, wall, and ceiling finishes are outdated and in need of refurbishment throughout.
  2. The building is in great need of a more flexible layout that addresses the needs of the modern library.
  3. The roof leaks and is in need of replacement.


  1. Replace all finishes throughout the facility.
  2. Improve lighting in all spaces.
  3. Provide audio/visual equipment in all program areas.
  4. Replace the roofing system and skylights.
  5. Repair and preserve existing windows or replace.


  1. Existing landscape is in need of refurbishment.
  2. The building lacks attractive landscaping to shield it from exposure to the western sunlight.


  1. Refurbish existing landscaping and add new landscaping as required.
  2. Add lawn sprinkler system for landscaping maintenance.
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