Presidio Branch Facilities Survey

Image removed.BACKGROUND Year Built: 1921 Architect: G. Albert Lansburgh Seismic Hazard Rating 1 Number of Stories 2 Type: Carnegie Address: 3150 Sacramento St. Gross Sq. Ft.: 10,205


The recommended Modernization Improvement plan would be to implement an interior remodel while preserving the historic character of the building.

This facility was seismically upgraded in the early 1990s as part of the City’s 1988 Proposition A. Therefore, the proposed improvements are limited to interior renovation projects of limited scope.

Access scope is limited to the minor reconfiguration of counters and shelves to allow for a wheelchair clear path of travel. New counters, tables, and seating areas must be designed with disabled access in mind.

Code impacts would be limited to electrical and ventilation upgrades related to the renovation work.

Hazardous materials mitigation work is limited to the localized removal of flooring and other asbestos and lead containing materials in the areas of remodel.

Interior renovation including the reconfiguration of all service points, adding a new boiler, adding data/electrical outlets, interior paint, window replacement, new lighting, fence and retaining wall repairs; improved landscaping/irrigation.


  1. The building has exterior ramps, and an elevator making both floors accessible. Some existing work areas, furnishings, and amenities are not fully accessible.


  1. Make all furnishings, service counters, and public amenities accessible.


  1. Existing boiler is in need of replacement.
  2. Existing water heater needs replacement.
  3. HVAC equipment is in good condition.
  4. Air distribution ducts appear to be in good condition.


  1. Replace boiler and water heater.
  2. Modify existing HVAC equipment as necessary to work with interior remodel.


  1. Existing main electrical panel is in good condition.
  2. Additional sub-panels, conduits and outlets are needed to respond to a new flexible layout.
  3. New telecommunication panel and data line distribution system is needed.
  4. Existing lighting is adequate but mat need modifications due to interior remodel.


  1. Add power and telecommunication sub-panels, conduits, and outlets as required.
  2. Add or replace lighting as needed.


  1. Emergency lighting and exit signs are in good condition and of sufficient quantity.
  2. The building is provided with some fire extinguishers.
  3. The building needs smoke alarms and smoke detectors.
  4. The building lacks sprinkler system.
  5. The building has interior security lighting but lacks sufficient exterior security lighting.
  6. The building has security grilles.


  1. Add fire extinguishers as required by code.
  2. Provide a central fire alarm and smoke detectors.
  3. Add fire sprinkler system if required by code.
  4. Add security lighting as necessary.


  1. Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) are identified in the building.


  1. Where impacted by construction, abate asbestos in the vinyl floor tiles and mastics at the lower level, steam pipe/fitting insulation.
  2. Abate asbestos if found in roofing materials, transite exhaust flue, window glazing putty, and ceiling plaster at main level library room.
  3. Lead that is impacted by construction shall also be abated.


  1. Exterior stair, railings, and exterior terracotta finishes need maintenance and repair.
  2. First floor windows and light wells need to be removed or modified for proper operation.
  3. Interior finishes are in good condition.


  1. Repair exterior terracotta, concrete steps, and metal railings.
  2. Modify light wells.
  3. Preserve existing finishes except where impacted by interior remodel scheme.


  1. The building has extensive landscaping that is well maintained.
  2. Extensive damage and deterioration of the retaining walls and fences have created a hazard.


  1. Preserve and restore any landscape damaged by construction.
  2. Repair or replace retaining walls and fences.
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