Winning Designs Announced For New Library Cards

For Immediate Release Contact: Michelle Jeffers (415) 557-4282; November 8, 2012

Winning Designs Announced For New San Francisco Public Library Cards

The Mayor’s Office and San Francisco Public Library are thrilled to present the five winning artwork designs in the Library Card Design Contest. The winning card designs feature penguins, butterflies, rays of sunshine, a fox, and the transformative joy of reading books. Some 3,500 designs were submitted to the ImproveSF contest in September and October, then winnowed to 10 in each of five age/grade categories by a panel of judges. The finalists were then subject to public voting at After tallying more than 14,000 interactions, five creative, colorful and powerful designs received the most votes. "ImproveSF challenges allow San Franciscans of all ages and from every corner of the City to collaborate and innovate with City government," said Mayor Ed Lee. "We are harnessing the passion and creativity of our residents to improve city services for everyone." “It was great to see such an amazing array of wonderful artwork from all ages, created by our extremely talented community. We can’t wait to see these designs gracing our library cards next year for San Franciscans to choose from, “ said City Librarian Luis Herrera. “Having a library card empowers our users to be life-long learners and readers.” 2nd Grade & Under Winner: Abigail Cheng, Hamlin School Title:  Imagine the Possibilities Description:Imagine the Possibilities I am a 2nd grader who loves to read all types of books. I thought about how reading affects me. When I read, I am able to imagine myself in the stories that have been created. I feel all sorts of emotions through reading - happiness, sadness, anxiousness, etc. I am able to imagine all sorts of possibilities for myself through these different writings. Reading builds my imagination. Being free to imagine gives me the power to believe in myself and what I am able to achieve. 3rd through 5th Grade Winner: Amelia Fortgang, Marin Country Day School Title:  Penguins Love Books Too Description:Penguins Love Books Too My drawing shows books can be quite funny and penguins can be too. I think this design should be a library card because people who like floppy penguins and like to read books will enjoy this card. Middle School Winner: Maya Winshell, Live Oak School Title:  Living Guide to Butterflies Description:  Living Guide to ButterfliesIt's a representation of how books bring stories to life. High School Winner: Lori Chinn, Lowell High School Title:  Ray of Sunshine Description: Ray of Sunshine Reading makes me happy. Whatever I'm feeling, opening a book can make that day even better. Just like a sunny day in San Francisco. Adult Winner: Jonathan Silence Title:  Storyteller Description:  StorytellerThe Light of the World. The watercolor submission simply wants to convey a feeling. It's inspired by a close friend and writer from the bay area ImproveSF is a citywide program that generates opportunities for the City and Country of San Francisco and its residents to work together via online community challenges voted on by the public. The five winning designs will be featured on new San Francisco library cards issued in 2013. There are more than 400,000 San Francisco library cards in active circulation. San Francisco Public Library issues about 60,000 new cards each year.
November 8, 2012