Library Fine Amnesty Welcomes Back 100 Year Overdue Book

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Media Contact: Katherine Jardine
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Library Fine Amnesty Welcomes Back 100 Year Overdue Book

WHAT:  City Librarian, Luis Herrera, welcomes back one of the longest-overdue books in San Francisco Public Library’s Fine Amnesty history. The book is a selection of short stories, titled Forty Minutes Late, with a due-date stamp of 1917.


WHEN:  Forty Minutes Late will be returned at the Park Branch this Friday, January 13 at 2 p.m.


WHERE:  1833 Page St, Park Branch



·         City Librarian, Luis Herrera

·         Public Relations Officer, Katherine Jardine

·         Webb Johnson, Forty Minutes Late


WHAT: San Francisco Public Library’s Fine Forgiveness program runs from Jan. 3–Feb. 14, 2017.  During this six-week period, late fees are waived on all returned books, CDs, DVDs and other materials, regardless of how long overdue. 55,000 patrons currently have outstanding fines, representing approximately $4.5M in overdue fines. The program is an opportunity for residents to reconnect with their library and allows the Library to recover materials. The program aligns with the Library’s commitment to eliminating barriers to service and providing basic access for all San Franciscans, especially those most in need of library services.

We Want You Back! Fine Forgiveness  Jan. 3 – Feb. 14, 2017