Public Computer Upgrade

Main Library's public computers are being updated this month. You may notice changes in the computer types and improved placement of equipment. 

New computer

When this upgrade project is complete, users will enjoy:

  • An upgraded operating system (Windows 10) and faster processing speeds

  •  Larger monitors with improved privacy

  • Streamlined devices and fewer cables for less cluttered desktop surfaces

  • Ability to save files temporarily to the computer; ideal for moving to USB drives or uploading as attachments

  • Increased ability to manage personal files on USB drives

  • New software and apps! Google Chrome browser, MS Publisher, calculator, notepad, paint, a snipping tool and an improved media playback experience

  •  Improved language and accessibility options

  • Increased space between computers for improved privacy and comfort

NOTE: All Branch Library computers similarly will be updated later this year as part of the library’s ongoing technology refresh cycle.