SFP to go

Front Door Pick-up Service

SFPL To Go is a service that safely delivers requested library materials to patrons at select Library locations.

San Francisco Public Library’s version of “curbside pickup”, we are providing a contact-free front door type service where patrons can queue up outside our buildings to pick up their requested books at the library entrance.

How SFPL To Go Works—3 easy steps

Step one


Request a book, DVD, audiobook, LP or any circulating library item using any of these three methods:

  • Go to sfpl.org and place a hold through your library account;
  • Email info@sfpl.org; or
  • Call 415-557-4400 and speak to library staff.
Step 2


Check your inbox, mailbox or phone for a notification letting you know your items have been checked out and are ready for you to come get them at an SFPL To Go location.

Step 3


Please arrive with your face covering on and stand six feet apart in the line while you wait to be helped. When you approach the service table, you will be asked for your name and last four digits of your library card. You will wait a few minutes while staff locates your items. Staff will place a bag containing your items on the table for you to pick up. For safety reasons, staff will not be able to answer general reference or other library questions at the door. If you need to speak to someone, please see contact information above.

SFPL To Go Locations

Location Address Hours Available

100 Larkin St.

Monday–Saturday, 10 am–5:30 pm
Sunday, 12–5:30 pm

August 10

Excelsior Branch 4400 Mission St.

Tuesday–Saturday, 10 am–5:30 pm

August 11

Eureka Valley Branch 1 Jose Sarria Court


Coming soon

Marina Branch  1890 Chestnut Street


Coming soon

Merced Branch     155 Winston Drive


Coming soon

Mission Bay Branch  960 4th Street


Coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions  

What is SFPL To Go?

SFPL To Go is a service that safely delivers requested library materials to patrons at the library front door.

SFPL To Go is San Francisco Public Library’s version of “curbside pick-up” that we’ve seen successfully rolled out by restaurants, retail and other libraries in the region. Our service model is a contact-free front door service where patrons can queue up outside our buildings to pick up their requested books at the library entrance.

SFPL To Go starts on Monday, August 10 at the Main Library and Tuesday, August 11 at the Excelsior Branch Library. If you have items on the hold shelf or holds wait lists, you will be notified by the Library on your next steps. These could be to pick up your long-awaited items, to cancel items you do not want any more or to move items to an open (or soon-to-open) library. As other libraries’ locations are approved to open, we will include them here.

How will I know when my holds are ready? 

We’ll let you know when your item(s) are ready at an SFPL To Go location via email, phone or mail.

We will be checking out your hold item(s) to you before you come to pick them up. We are doing this to increase safety of contact-free holds pick-up experience. How you are informed depends on whether you have an email address in your account.

This is a good time to update your account to email notice preference if you can! With email notices, you will receive the most robust notices and communications possible from the library

If we have your email address, you will get two notices: first, that your item(s) will be ready soon and second, that they have been pre-checked out to you. If your item(s) are already on the hold shelf, you will be notified when your items have been pre-checked out to you. Once pre-checked out, your item(s) will be ready for you the next day your pick-up location is open.

If we do not have your email address, we will call you if we have a phone number when we pre-check your item(s) and let you know that you pick them up the next day your pick-up location is open. 

If we can only contact you through USPS mail, you will still receive your holds pick-up notice in the mail. We will have pre-checked out your items and they will be ready for pick up by the time you receive your mail notice. For item(s) already waiting on the hold shelf when we re-open you library location, we will call you or send you a notice via USPS mail that your items have been pre-checked out to you and will be ready the next day your pick-up location is open.

How do I return library items? When do bookdrops open?

Bookdrops are open again, at open libraries!

Bookdrops will be open during public service hours at the Main Library starting Monday, August 10 and the Excelsior Branch library starting Tuesday, August 11.  Any fees incurred since March 13 will be waived when your materials are returned.

Bookdrops will also be accepting LINK+ and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) materials at this time. Yes, we know that this is a bit unusual; we figured it would be best to let you return all your library materials. Again, any fees assessed since March 13 will be waived when LINK+ and ILL items are returned.

And if you just haven’t gotten to all your library items, they will remain checked out until September 30. Feel free to enjoy them until then.

Are the items safe to handle? Is it safe for patrons? Is it safe for staff?

Guidance on safe materials handling has been provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the City and County of San Francisco Department of Public Health.

  • Your holds will be in a new paper bag, ready for you to “grab and go.” Bags and contents sit overnight without being touched again until you arrive to retrieve your holds.
  • Once you arrive, you will not be allowed inside the building.
  • A staff person will greet you at the door behind a table at least 6 feet distant, with a barrier.
  • When staff places your items on a table, we will handle the bag by the bottom only. Then we will move away and allow you to approach and take your bag by the handles or top.
  • When you return your items, staff will isolate them for 96 hours. Items will remain checked out to you until it’s safe for staff to handle them.

More questions? More answers!

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