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星期二, 5/18/2021
2:00 - 3:30

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San Francisco, CA 94102

Meet Raf Salazar and Don Aguillo, comic artists, writers and creators of Clan of Saints Bay, Monolithic Parts I, II and III, a graphic novel project produced by Kularts that spotlights the movers and shakers of the SOMA Pilipinas community from social workers to community activists. Salazar and Aguillo demonstrate character design, writing and art process and answer questions about the project.

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Raf Salazar is a Bay Area artist whose work is inspired by his love of comics. Salazar focuses his talents in Digital Illustration and Design. Additionally, he has partnered with Kularts on several comic projects inspired by the advocacy work of the SOMA Pilipinas community in the SF Bay Area. 

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Don Aguillo is a comic book artist, writer and creator on several titles as well as head of In Hiatus Studios with a team of partners, out of San Francisco. 

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Kularts is the premier presenter of contemporary and tribal Pilipino arts in the United States. Through three decades of service, Kularts has grown into a leading elder arts organization, uniting generations of artists and community activists in a common effort to build a collective space and sense of belonging within San Francisco, specifically the SOMA Pilipinas: Filipino Cultural Heritage District. Kularts creates work that makes visible the contributions of Pilipino Americans and creates room for cultural continuity and knowledge.

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