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Author: Readers from ZYZZYVA No. 122, The Inter/Transnational Issue

Come celebrate the release of ZYZZYVA No. 122—The Inter/Transnational Issue—with a night of readings featuring contributors from the issue. Readers include C.J.A., Shelby Kinney-Lang, Marie Mutsuki Mockett and Dean Rader. The event is hosted by Oscar Villalon, ZYZZYVA's managing editor. 


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Image removed.C.J.A. is a poet, critic, essayist & current doctoral candidate at the University of Southern California. 

Shelby Kinney-Lang is a writer and educator whose work has appeared in Green Mountains Review, Joyland, Vice and elsewhere. He teaches writing online at GrubStreet. 


Marie Mutsuki Mockett is the author of the memoir Where the Dead Pause, and the Japanese Say Goodbye (Norton), the novel Picking Bones from Ash (Graywolf Press) and most recently, American Harvest: God, Country, and Farming in the Heartland (Graywolf Press), which was a finalist for the Lukas Prize for Nonfiction. 


Dean Rader has published widely in the fields of poetry, American Indigenous studies and visual culture. His debut collection of poems, Works & Days, won the 2010 T. S. Eliot Poetry Prize, and he recently completed a book of poems that enter into conversation with the work of Cy Twombly (forthcoming from Copper Canyon Press in 2022). His interview with artist Jordan Kantor, “On the Shelf/On the Wall,” appeared in ZYZZYVA Issue 115. 

ZYZZYVA is the award-winning literary magazine founded in San Francisco in 1985. Since that time, it has made a name for itself as one of the country's premier journals and as a beloved fixture in the Bay Area's literary community. The event is hosted by Oscar Villalon, ZYZZYVA's managing editor. 



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