Presentation: Damien Linnane, Illustrator of This is Ear Hustle

Damien Linnane, artist, author, scholar, Ph.D. candidate and formerly incarcerated, speaks about his life and his work with Ear Hustle and beyond. 

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Linnane was born in Sydney, Australia. His debut novel, Scarred, was written by hand while he was in prison serving a two-year sentence for crimes the sentencing magistrate described as “vigilante action”. Since his release from prison, he has become editor of the prison magazine Paper Chained, and is currently completing a PhD in law. He is also an illustrator, freelance writer and activist for incarcerated persons.

Linnane’s illustrations featured in This Is Ear Hustle: Unflinching Stories of Everyday Prison Life, are on display at the Main Library though December 2022.


Damien Linnane - Website | Damien Linnane - Instagram 

Paper Chained - Website


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