Newspaper Clipping File: Subjects - I

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"x" indicates that a reference was made from another entry.
"xx" indicates that a see also reference was made from another entry.
We have clipping files for all entries in bold . All other headings are cross references only.

I Left My Heart in San Francisco
See San Francisco Songs

I. M. Pei and Partners
See San Francisco Public Library – Main Library (1996- )

Ice Follies
See Ice Shows

Ice Hockey
See Hockey

Ice Shows
See also Skating, Ice and Roller

See Skating, Ice and Roller

Illustrated Stage Company
xx Theatre
Oct. 3, 1981

xx Graphic Art

See also Names of Individuals in M/PA VF
Jan. 18, 1991

Improvement Organizations
See Beautification Projects

Improvisation, Inc.
xx Theater

Improvised Music Collective
xx Music, Contemporary.
March 13, 1993

Industrial Light and Magic
See Lucas, George M/PA VF



Installations (Art)
xx Art
xx Performance Art
Nov. 6, 1998

Inter-American Music Awards Competition
See Sigma Alpha Iota

See also Decorators' Show House
Hazelwood Hills ( Folger Mansion, Woodside)
Health Care Interiors
Names of Individual Decorators in Artist's File
Warehouse Developments (The Showplace)

International Association of Music Libraries
xx Music Associations A-Z

International Children's Art Museum
x Museums and Art Galleries

International Festival of Chicano/Latino Theater
See International Festival of Latino Theater

International Festival of Latino Theater
x Chicano/Latino Festival
x International Festival of Chicano/Latino Theater
x S. F. Chicano/Latino Festival
x S. F. International Chicano/Latino Festival
x TENAZ (Teatro Nacional de Aztlan)

International Gay/Lesbian Olympics
See Gay Games

International Health and Medical Film Festival
(Formerly John Muir Medical Film Festival)
x John Muir Medical Film Festival
xx Film Festivals

International Hockey League
See Hockey

International Hotel
xx Buildings (subfolder: Hotels)
xx Housing

International Latino Film Festival
(Before Dec. '05 see Latino Film Festival)
xx Film Festivals
Dec. 29, 2005

International Museum of Erotic Art
x Museum of Erotic Art

International Museum of Women
x Museums and Art Galleries
June 12, 2003

International Musicological Society. 12 th Congress 1977

International Roller Derby League
See San Francisco Bay Bombers

International Sculpture Conference
xx Sculpture

International Tournee of Animation
See also Animation

See World Wide Web
December 1996

xx Theater

Intersection for the Arts
See also San Francisco International Theatre Festival
x Bay Area Arts Services
xx Campo Santo
xx Happenings, conceptual art

See S.F. Art Dealers Association

Inverness Music Festival (file closed 2003)
xx Festivals, etc.

Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies  (file closed 2003)
x Center for Beethoven Studies

Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts (file closed 2003)
(Before Feb.1999 see Stanford Univ. Art Museum)
Feb. 10, 1999

Irish Cultural Center
xx City Planning

Irish Players
xx Theater

Isadora Duncan Dance Awards
See Dance Awards

Isadora Duncan Dance Center  (file closed 2003)

Istituto Italiano di Cultura
April 1999

See Dance Awards
July 6, 1989