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"x" indicates that a reference was made from another entry.
"xx" indicates that a see also reference was made from another entry.
We have clipping files for all entries in bold . All other headings are cross references only.


TENAZ (Teatro Nacional de Aztlan)
See International Festival of Latino Theater

TV Tower
See Sutro Tower

T'ai Chi Ch'uan
See Martial Arts

Tale Spinners

Talent Agencies
x Booking Agencies
x Performing Arts Management

Talent Contests
See Nightclubs (subfolder: Auditions)
Radio Broadcasting
Variety Shows

Tamarind Lithography Workshop, Inc. (file closed)

Tandy Beal & Company
See Beal, Tandy (M/PA VF)
March 6, 1981

Tao House (file closed)

See Textiles and Fabrics in Art
See Names of Museums

See also Body-marking

El Teatro Campesino
x Valdez, Luis (M/PA VF)
xx Theatre
March 6, 1981

El Teatro de la Esperanza
xx Theatre
Sept. 28, 1989

Teatro Latino
See Mission Cultural Center

Teatro ZinZanni
(Before 12/05 See Musicals – Reviews)
xx Musicals – Reviews
Dec. 2005

TECH Museum of Innovation (file closed)
xx Museums and Art Galleries
Sept. 2000

Telegraph Hill
xx Neighborhoods
Walking Tours
Sept. 14, 1977

Telemann Society (file closed)
x Palo Alto Telemann Society
Dec. 3, 1979

xx Architects
City Planning
San Francisco City Planning

Television Awards (includes Radio)
x Clio Awards
xx Radio Broadcasting

Television Broadcasting
Subfolder within Television Broadcasting
Performers and Personalities
See also KPIX
Television Documentaries

Television Broadcasting. About/On Location
(Before Dec. 1989 See Television Broadcasting)

Television Broadcasting Critics
See Individual Names in M/PA VF

Television Documentaries – Reviews
See also Television Broadcasting
Television Movies-Reviews

Television Movies – Reviews
See also Television Documentaries
July 20, 1991

Television News Archives

Temple Arts Foundation
xx Theater Buildings
Dec. 11, 1981

Temple Players
xx Theatre

xx Neighborhoods
x Walking Tours
Oct. 11, 1977

Tenderloin National Forest
See 509 Cultural Center

Tenderloin Theatre Workshop
xx Theatre


Tevis Cup
See Horses/Horseback Riding/Horse Racing

Textile Study Center
See Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Textiles and Fabrics in Art
See also Quilts and Quilting
x Fabrics
x Fiber Art
x Fiberworks
x Gallery of Fabric Arts
x San Francisco School of Fabric Arts and Gallery of Fabric Art
x Tapestries
xx Art
xx Crafts and craftsmen

“The Theatre” Berkeley (file closed)
xx Berkeley Repertory Theatre (Its name after 1970)
xx Theatre

See also Black Theater
Boxcar Theater
Bindlestiff Studio
Cheater Collections
Climate Theatre
Cutting Ball
Musicals Reviews
Publishing – Art, Music, Theater, Photography & Sports
SF Playhouse
Theater Bay Area
Theater Buildings
Theater Reviews
Theater of Yugen
Theatrical Agencies
Variety Shows
See also Names of Theater Companies and Festivals:
Actor's Ark Theatre
Actor's Ensemble of Berkeley
Actor's School of Albany
Actor's Theater of San Francisco
Actor's Workshop, Actor's Unions
African-American Shakespeare Company
African People's Repertory Theatre
American Conservatory Theater
American Enterprise Theatre
Artists' Enterprise Theatre
Asian American Theater Company
Asian American Theatre Workshop
Barb Wire Theatre
Bay Area Theatre Archive
Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle
Bay Area Theatre Week
Bayview Repertory Company
Bedini Theatre Project
Berkeley Community Theatre
Berkeley Jewish Theatre
Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Blake Street Hawkeyes
Blue Lantern Theatre
Boarding House Theatre
California Actors' Theatre
California Association of Theatre Specialists
Campo Santo
Carmel Forest Theatre
Children's Theatre
Circle Star Theatre
Cockettes (M/PA VF)
Company Theatre
Crowded Fire Theater Company
Culture Clash Theatre
Custom Made Theatre Company
East Bay Theatre Arts Festival
Encounter Theatre
Ensemble Theatre of San Francisco
Epic West
Eureka Theatre
Everyman Theatre
Exit Theater
The Extended Stage
Fratelli Bologna
Fringe Theatre Festival
Gallery Theatre Company
Golden Gate Academy of Performing Arts
Golden Thread
Harding Theatre
Hip Hop DanceFest
Illustrated Star Company
Irish Players
Japan Center Theatre (formerly Kabuki Theatre)
Julian Theatre
The Lamplighters
Live Oak Theatre
Lorraine Hansberry Theatre
Low Moan Spectacular
Magic Theatre
Marin Theatre Company
Marsh Theatre
Mountain Plays. Mount Tamalpais
Moving Men Theatre
Napa Valley Theatre
New Conservatory Theatre
Nightletter Theater
Oakland Ensemble Theatre
One Act Theatre Co. of S. F.
Open Theatre
Open Air Theatres
Overtone Theatre
Pacific Jewish Theater
People's Theatre Coalition
Playhouse Company, Berkeley
Playhouse Repertory Theatre (SF)
Playwrights Theatre
Project Artaud
Pub Theatre
Ray of Light Theatre
S. E. W. Productions
San Francisco Actor's Workshop
San Francisco Actor's Ensemble
San Francisco Bay Area Psychodrama
San Francisco City Theatre
San Francisco Free Theatre
San Francisco Improv Festival
San Francisco International Theatre Festival
San Francisco Poverty Theatre
San Francisco Repertory Co.
San Francisco State Univ. School of Creative Arts
San Francisco Theatre Co.
San Jose Repertory
Shakespeare/Santa Cruz Festival
Snake Theater
Solo Mio
Soon 3
Stage Group
Straight Theatre
El Teatro Campesino
El Teatro de la Esperanza
Theatre Rhinoceros
Thick Description
Working Women Theatre Festival
Word for Word
Z Space Studio

Theater Artaud
See Project Artaud
July 8, 1983

Theatre Arts Center

Theater Auditions

Theater, Awards
x Awards

Theatre Bay Area
(Before 6/2005 See Theater)
xx Theater
June 2005

Theater Buildings
See also Open-Air Theatres
Temple Arts Foundation
xx Buildings

Theatre – Children's
See also San Francisco Attic Theatre
San Francisco Players Guild
x Children's Theatre
x Children's Theater Association of San Francisco
x Ma Goose

Theatre Collections
x Theatre Collections
xx Libraries
xx Theatre

Theatre Communications Center of the Bay Area
xx Bay Area Theatre Week
xx Theatre

Theatre. Education
See Performing Arts. Study and Teaching

Theatre Flamenco
xx Dance

Theatre of all Possibilities
(Formerly Everyman Theatre)
xx Theatre
Jan. 23, 1979

Theatre of Man
xx Theatre

Theatre of Space Forming
xx Theatre

Theater of the Blue Rose
xx Theatre
Jan. 27, 1987

Theatre of the Eye West
xx Theatre

Theater of Yugen
xx Theatre

Theatre Prospect
xx Theatre

Theatre – Reviews (first letter of production)
See also Individual folders by names of individual theatre groups (See Theater)
Musicals – Reviews
xx Mime
xx Theatre

Theatre Reviews – Undivided

Theatre Rhinoceros
x Gay Theatre Alliance
xx Theatre
Jan. 12, 1981

Theatre - San Francisco
See Theatre

Theatre Unlimited
xx Arts and the Handicapped
xx Theatre

Theatre – Videotaping
See Bay Area Theater Archive

Theatrical Agencies
xx Performers and Personalities
xx Theatre

Thick Description
xx Theater
March 25, 1994
After 5/2007 see Thick House

Thick House
Before 5/2007 see Thick Description

1360 Montgomery
See Goldstine, Richard – Artists' VF
Nov. 6, 1981

Threshold Choir
xx Choruses
June 12, 2003

xx Theater
January / 2014

Ticket Voucher Systems
x Performing Arts Services
x Vouchers
xx Cultural Life
xx National Endowment for the Arts

See Neckties

Tiret Gallery
See Museums and Art Galleries

Topless Clubs
SeeNorth Beach

Tor House (file closed)
xx Buildings
Nov. 9, 1978

See Architectural Tours

SeeSan Francisco International Toy Museum

Track and Field

Transamerica Spire
x Transamerica Pyramid
xx Buildings
xx Pereira, William L. (Artists' file)

Transbay Terminal
Before 04/08 see Buildings (subfolder-Terminals)
x Transbay Transit Center

Transbay Transit Center
see Transbay Terminal

Transgendered Chanteuses
xx Female Impersonators
May 27, 2005

A Traveling Jewish Theatre
(Previous to 1988 See Theatre – Reviews)
March 2, 1989
x Jewish Theater

Treasure Island
x Golden Gate International Exposition
x Navy/Marine Corps Historical Museum
x Treasure Island Music Festival
xx Neighborhoods
May 2, 1981

Treasure Island Music Festival
see Treasure Island


Tribal Stomp
See Helms, Chet (M/PA VF)

Triton Museum of Art (Santa Clara) (file closed)
Dec. 30, 1991

Trolley Dances
xx Dance

Troupe Royale
xx Theater

Twelfth Night Repertory Company
xx Theatre

Twilight Concerts
xx M. H. de Young Memorial Museum, S.F.