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"x" indicates that a reference was made from another entry.
"xx" indicates that a see also reference was made from another entry.
We have clipping files for all entries in bold . All other headings are cross references only.

See San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival
x Affiliate Artists Inc.
x Community Artists Residency Training Program

Cabaret Gold Awards
See SF Council on Entertainment

See Nightclubs and Cabarets

Cable Car Museum
See Museums & Art Galleries

Cable Television
See also Video
x Pay TV
xx Television Broadcasting

Cabrillo Music Festival (file closed 2003)
xx Music Festivals

Cadillac Ranch
See Ant Farm (Artists' File)
April 23, 1986

Cal Performances (closed)
x Committee for Arts & Lectures

Cal-Stanford (Football) Game
See Football, College

California Academy of Sciences
xx Museums & Art Galleries

California Actors' Theater (file closed 2003)
xx Theater

California Architecture
See California Buildings

California Art
See also Art Reference Libraries: Ferdinand Perret Art Reference Library
x Art - California
x California Design Exposition California Artists
See Bay Area Visual Artists and Architects Index
See also Artists-California (This is a collection of exhibit catalogs located at the beginning of the Bay Area Visual Artists and Architects Index. It contains an alphabetical finding list for individual artist names)
x Artists. California

California Arts Commission
Replaced by California Arts Council as of 1/1/76
See also Alliance of California Arts Councils
Government and the Arts
x Arts Commission of California

California Arts Council
(replaced California Arts Commission 1/1/76 ) 95814
See also Alliance of California Arts Councils
California Theatre Council
Government and the Arts State of the Arts (periodical)
x Arts Council of California
x California Arts Council Dance Touring Program
x Cultural News Service
x Dance Touring Program
x Government and the Arts

California Arts Society

California Association of Dance Companies
xx Dance

California Association of Theatre Specialists
xx Theater

California Bach Society
xx Flath, Edwin (Ted) M/PA VF
xx Choruses

California College of Arts and Crafts
See California College of the Arts

California College of the Arts
See also World Print Council
x California College of Arts and Crafts
xx Art Competitions
xx Art Schools

California Cultural News
See California Opera

California Dance Management
See Association of American Dance Companies, Western Division

California Dance Touring Program
See California Arts Council

California Dance Project
See California Arts Commission

California. Dances
See California Songs, Dances

California Design Exposition
See California – Art

California Dressage Society See Sports & Games – Horseback Riding

California Golden Seals
See Hockey

California Historical Society
xx Museums and Art Galleries
xx Photography Museums and Art Galleries April 1997

California Lawyers for the Arts
See also Art House
x Bay Area Lawyers for the Arts

California. Music
See also Composers Music and Musical Life, etc.

California Music Awards
(Before 1999 see Bay Area Music Awards)
x Awards

California Music Center
xx Music. Study and Teaching

California Opera
x California Cultural News
x Opera

California Palace of the Legion of Honor. San Francisco
See also Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts
x Palace of the Legion of Honor
x The Legion of Honor
xx Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
xx Museums and Art Galleries California Pioneer's Monument
See Pioneer's Monument
Oct. 30, 1993

California Resale Royalty Act
See Artists' Rights

California School of Design
See San Francisco Art Association San Francisco Art Institute

California School of Fine Arts
See San Francisco Art Association San Francisco Art Institute

California Shakespeare Festival (Orinda) (Formerly Berkeley Shakespeare Festival) (file closed 2003)
x Shakespeare Festival

California Shakespeare Festival ( Santa Clara/ Los Gatos) (file closed 2003)
x Shakespeare Festival

California Shakespearean Festival ( Visalia) (file closed 2003)
x Shakespeare Festival

California Society of Etchers
(After 1968 see California Society of Printmakers)

California Society of Printmakers
(Prior to 1968 see California Society of Etchers)

California Songs, Dances
See also San Francisco Songs California State Song
x West Coast Swing

California State Railroad Museum
See Museums - California & The West

California State Song
x I Love You California
xx California Songs, Dances

California Symphony
Nov. 10, 1990

California Theatre Council
xx California Arts Council

California Watercolor Association
November 1998

California Youth Symphony
xx Orchestras

Nov. 2000

Calvin C. Flint Center for the Performing Arts (file closed 2003)
x Cupertino Center
x De Anza College, Cupertino
x Flint Center for the Performing Arts
x Foothill College District
x Performing Arts Center

Camera Clubs
See San Francisco Bay Area Organizations
Photographers and Photography

Camera Obscura
xx Cliff House

See San Francisco Camerawork

Camp Mather (City and County of S. F. – Rec. and Park Department)
See Camps and Camping

Campbell-Thiebaud Gallery
See also Museums and Art Galleries
Dec. 1996

Campo Santo
x Theater
See also Intersection for the Arts

Camps and Camping

Candlestick Park
See also Southeast Community Cultural Center
Monster Park
xx Stadia

Candlestick Point Performing Arts Center
x Performing Arts Centers

Candlestick Shoreline Recreation Area
See Parks

xx Buildings

Canoeing and Kayaking
See also Sailing/Boats and Boating

Canyon Cinema
xx Cinematheque (formerly showcase for Canyon Cinema collection of independent films)

Capp Street Project
xx Ireland, David (artist's VF)

Capricorn Asunder Gallery
See San Francisco Art Commission 1966-1983
Aug. 17, 1990

Caricatures and Cartoons
See also Names of individual artists in Artist's VF
x Cartoons
xx Animation
xx Cartoon Art Museum
xx Comic Art
xx Graphic Art

Carmel Bach Festival (file closed 2003)

Carmel Forest Theater (file closed 2003)
x Forest theater

xx Celebrations & Parades

See also Variety Shows
x Directories

Carolands (file closed 2003)
See also Decorators Show House 1991 VF
x Pullman castle
xx Buildings – Mansions
xx Housing Carousels
See Merry-Go-Rounds

Cartoon Art Museum
See also Caricatures and Cartoons
x Museums and Galleries
xx Comic Art

See Caricatures and Cartoons

Castro Street
See Eureka Valley

Castro Street Fair
xx Eureka Valley
xx Fairs and Festivals Castro Theater
See Film Societies & Series (Programs)
Moving Pictures (general articles)
Moving Picture Theaters

Catherine Clark Gallery
xx Museums and Art Galleries

Cave art
Oct. 1998

Cazadero Music Camp
See Music. Education

Celebrations and Parades
x Parades
xx Carnaval
xx Fairs and Festivals
xx San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade (as of 1991)
July 15, 1995

xx Landscape Architecture
Dec. 2004

See Arts–Censorship

Center for Asian American Media
See San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

Center for Beethoven Studies
See Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies

Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
x Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
x Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics

Center for Contemporary Music
xx Mills Tape Music Center
xx Music – Electronic
xx San Francisco Tape Music Center

Center for Creative Work
xx Art. Study and Teaching.
March 15, 1994

Center for Environmental Studies
See Alexander, Christopher Artist's VF

Center for Folk Art and Contemporary Crafts
xx Crafts and Craftsmen
xx Museums and Art Galleries

Center for the American Musical
Dec. 14, 1990

Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena
See Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Center for the Study of Bertolt Brecht
See Epic West

Center for the Visual Arts (file closed 2003)
See also Periodical � Lillian Paley Center for the Visual Arts�
x Paley, Lillian
xx Art Reference Libraries
xx Oakland Museum

Center for World Music and Related Arts
x American Society for Eastern Arts (formerly)
x World Music Network

Center for Asian Art and Culture (Avery Brundage Collection)
See Asian Art Museum
Avery Brundage Collection

Center Repertory Theater of Walnut Creek (file closed 2003)
Dec. 14, 1990

Central Opera Service
xx Music Association A-Z

Ceramic Art
xx Art
xx Crafts and Craftsmen
xx Sculpture

Chainsaw Art
See Colp, Don Artist's VF

Chamber Music
See also Berkeley Contemporary Chamber Players
Chamber Music Society of San Francisco
Chamber Music West
Chamber Soloists of San Francisco
Chamber Symphony of San Francisco
Del Sol String Quartet
Kronos Quartet
New Century Chamber Orchestra
Performances at Six
Performing Arts Orchestra
San Francisco Chamber Music Society
San Francisco Contemporary Music Players
x Music
xx Music. Classical.

Chamber Music San Francisco

Chamber Music Society of San Francisco
xx Chamber Music
July 20, 2002

Chamber Music West
xx San Francisco Conservatory of Music
xx Chamber Music
Sept. 4, 1982

Chamber Opera Ensemble of San Francisco
x Opera

Chamber Soloists of San Francisco
xx Chamber Music

Chamber Symphony of San Francisco
(Before 1984 see Performing Arts Orchestra)
(As of 9/18/91 see San Francisco Chamber Symphony)
October 18, 1991

Chang's International Folk Dancers
xx Folkdancing.

xx Choruses

Charity Benefits
See Fund Raisers


Cherry Blossom Film Festival
Oct. 9, 1991


Chez Jacques
xx Nightclubs

Chez Pat (Formerly Chez Jacques)
xx Nightclubs

Chicano/Latino Festival
See International Festival of Latino Theater

Child Actors
See Performers and Personalities
after 2009 see Musicians and Performing

Children's Art
See Paintbrush Diplomacy VF

Children's Art Center
July 11, 2002

Children's Creativity Museum
see Zeum

Children's Dance Theater
xx Dance

Children's Music

Children's Opera of San Francisco
See San Francisco Children's Opera

Children's Television Fair
See Committee on Children's Television

Children's Theatre
See Theatre–Children's

Children's Theatre Association of San Francisco
See Theatre–Children's

China Basin
xx Waterfront Development

xx Architecture Tours
xx Neighborhoods
xx Walking Tours

Chinatown Wax Museum
See Museums and Art Galleries

Chinese Classical Music Club
xx Music Associations A-Z

Chinese Culture Center
xx City Planning

Chinese Opera
x Opera
x Peking Opera

Chitresh Das Dance Company
August 17, 1990

See also Baker, Winifred (M/PA VF)
San Francisco Bach Society
San Francisco Boys Chorus
San Francisco Choral Society
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus
San Francisco Girls Chorus
San Francisco Symphony Orchestra (Chorus)
Singing Messages
Sufi Choir
x Choruses
x San Francisco Civic Chorale

Christopher Beck Dance Company
xx Beck, Christopher
xx Dance

See Buildings (Sub-folder on Religious Buildings)

Cine Accion
xx Film Festivals Jan. 10, 1998

Cinema by the Bay
see San Francisco Film Society

Cinema Lab
xx Moving Pictures

Cinema of the Fantastic
See Moving Pictures

See also Canyon Cinema (formerly the core collection for Cinematheque)
xx Moving Pictures
xx S. F. Art Institute

Circle Star Theatre
xx Nightclub
xx Theatres

See also Clowns Variety Shows
x Clown Schools
x Theatre

City Dance
See Dancers' Workshop

City Hall (Old and New)
xx Buildings – Government Buildings

City of Paris
xx Buildings

City of San Francisco Marathon
See Marathons – S. F.

City Planning
See also Buildings (subfolder: Highrises)
Jackson Square
Market Street
Moscone Center
Pier 39
San Francisco Beautiful
San Francisco Redevelopment Agency
San Francisco Urban Design Plan
Shopping Centers
Waterfront Development
Yerba Buena Center

City Repertory Theater
xx Theater

City Sports Magazine

Civic Center
xx City Planning
xx Plazas

Civic Design Committee
See San Francisco Art Commission

Civic Light Opera
See San Francisco Civic Light Opera Association

Clarion Alley Mural Project
See also Murals
xx Museums and Art Galleries
Apr. 2018

Clement Street Cultural Center
See Open Theater

Cliff House
See also Camera Obscura
xx Buildings

Climate Theatre
xx Theater

See Mountain Climbing Rock Climbing

Clio Awards
See Television Awards

Clowns (Before 12/04 See Circus)
xx Circus
xx Make Up
xx Street Performers

Club Foot
xx Happenings, Conceptual Art, etc.

See also Angels of Light
x Female Impersonators
xx Theatre

See Numismatics

Coit Tower
See also Mural Art Public Art
x Coit Tower Murals
xx Labaudt, Lucien Adolph (Artist VF)
xx Mural Art
xx Public Art

Collectors and Collecting
See also Art Patronage
Butterfield & Butterfield
Musical Box Society, Golden Gate Chapter
San Francisco Fall Antiques Show
x Flea Markets
xx Art Sales and Prices

Collectors Forum
See San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Sept. 3, 1982

Collectors Press
xx Graphic Art

College for the Recording Arts
See Recording Studios

College of Marin Department of Drama (file closed 2003)
xx Theatre

College of Rock and Roll
See Blue Bear School of Music



See Comedy and Comedians

Comedy and Comedians
See also Killing My Lobster
BATS Improv
Individual Comedians
Names of Individual Clubs
Nightclubs and Cabarets
S. F. International Stand-up Comedy Competition
San Francisco Sketchfest
M/PA VF for names of Individual Comedians
x Comedians

Comic Art
See also Names of Individual Artists in Art VF
Caricatures and Cartoons
Cartoon Art Museum
San Francisco Academy of Comic Art
x Underground Comics
xx Art
xx Graphic Art

The Committee
See also Beach, Scott (M/PA VF) Pitschel Players
xx Theatre

Committee for Arts and Lectures
See Cal Performances

Committee on Children's Television
x Children's Television Fair
xx TV Broadcasting

Community Artists Residency Training Program

Community Arts and Education Program (Formerly Neighborhood Arts Program)
See San Francisco Art Commission

Community Coalition for the Arts
See Neighborhood Arts Alliance/Program

Community Music Center
xx Music, Education

Company Theatre
xx Theatre

Company C Contemporary Ballet
xx Dance

See Arts Competitions Music Competitions Photography Competitions

See also Names of Individual Composers in M/PA VF
x Songwriters
xx California. Music
xx Music

Composers, Inc.
xx Music – Contemporary
June 7, 1991

Composers' Forum (1946-1966)
xx Music Assoc. A-Z
Oct. 28, 1983

Computer Games
See Computers and the Arts
June 2000

Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
See Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics

Computers and the Arts
See also Animation Art Com Digital media Pixar
x Computer games
x Multi-Media

Conceptual Art
See Happenings, Conceptual Art, etc.

Concert Opera
See San Francisco Concert Opera
Feb. 13, 1987

Concord Pavilion (file closed 2003)
See folders of specific music genres after 1986
x Performing Arts Centers
xx Concord Summer Festival

Concord Summer Jazz Festival (file closed 2003)
xx Concord Pavilion

See Buildings (subfolder: Condominiums)

Conservatory of Flowers
(Before 1990 see Golden Gate Park VF)
August 20, 2004

Contemporary Dancers
xx Dance

Contemporary Jewish Museum
(Before Dec. '05 see Jewish Museum. San Francisco)
xx Museums and Art Galleries
Dec. 29, 2005

Contemporary Realist Gallery
See also Museums and Art Galleries Jan. 1997

Copyright. Music.
See Copyright. Performing Rights. Sept. 16, 1994

Copyright. Performing Rights.
xx Copyright. Music. Sept. 16, 1994

Corporate Art
See Business and the Arts

x Bay Area Costume Bank

xx Dance Dec. 3, 2005

Cow Palace(file closed 2003)

Crafts and Craftsmen
See also Art Glass
Baulines Craftsmen's Guild
Center for Folk Art and Contemporary
Ceramic Art
Metal Arts
Quicksilver market place
Quilts and Quilting
S. F. Crafts and Folk Art Museum
Stained Glass
Textiles and Fabrics in Art
xx Art

Creative Alliance
x San Francisco Creative Alliance
xx Commercial Art July 29, 1993

Creative Growth
See also Creativity Explored
xx Arts and the Handicapped
Feb. 22, 1986

Creativity Explored
See also Creative Growth
xx Arts and the Handicapped
xx Outsider Art
July 23, 1993

Sept. 2000

See Albright, Thomas (Art) Artist VF
Baker, Kenneth (Art, Chron) Artist VF
Bloomfield, Arthur (Music, Art, Theater) M/PA VF
Bonetti, David (Art) Artist VF
Cahill, Sarah (Music) M/PA VF
Chase, John (Architecture, Design) Artist VF
Commandy, Robert Paul (Music) M/PA VF
Eichelbaum, Stanley (Theater, Movies) M/PA VF
Elwood, Philip (Music, Movies) M/PA VF
Frankenstein, Alfred Victor (Art, Music) Artist VF
Fried, Alexander (Art, Music, Dance) M/PA VF
Gleason, Ralph (Music) M/PA VF
Goodman, Dean (Theater) M/PA VF
Hadlock, Richard (Music) M/PA VF
Hamlin, Jesse (Music) M/PA VF
Kael, Pauline (Movies) M/PA VF
Knickerbocker, Paine (Theater, Movies) M/PA VF
Kosman, Joshua (Music) M/PA VF
Mann, Margery (Photography) M/PA VF
Nachman, Gerald (Theater) M/PA VF
Pontzious, Richard (Music) M/PA VF
Richardson, Derk (Music) M/PA VF
Rosenberg, Scott (Theater) M/PA VF
Sales, Grover (Music) M/PA VF
Scott, Nancy (Theater, Movies) M/PA VF
Selvin, Joel (Music) M/PA VF
Stark, John (Movies) M/PA VF
Stone, Judy (Film) M/PA VF
Temko, Allan (Architecture) Artist VF
Thomson, David (Movies) M/PA VF
Tircuit, Hewell (Music) M/PA VF
Tucker, Marilyn (Dance) M/PA VF
Ulrich, Allan (Music, Dance) M/PA VF
Zakariasen, William (Music) M/PA VF

Dec. 24, 2002

Crowded Fire Theater Company
xx Theater

Crown Point Press
June 6, 1998

Cultural Affairs Task Force
June 7, 1991

Cultural Life
(Herein find collective surveys of the cultural institutions of San Francisco and Bay Area)
See also Art Patronage
Art and Performing Arts – Statistics
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center
Rainbow Sign
Ticket Voucher Systems
x Friends of Ethnic Art

Cultural News Service
See California Arts Council

Culture Clash
xx Theater
August 10, 1991

Cupertino Center
See Calvin C. Flint Center for the Performing Arts

Custom Made Theatre Company
xx Theater

Cutting Ball
xx Theater

Cyril Magnin Award
x Awards
May 22, 1992