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Presentation: Ay Sus! Cultivating Flavorful Health

A Filipino Culinary Exploration
星期二, 5/21/2024
5:00 - 6:00

Dive into the world of delectable Filipino cuisine with Cleodia Martinez as she shares the health benefits of plant-based nutrition, offering insights into the distinctions between plant-based and vegan. Learn practical tips on initiating a plant-based lifestyle, all while uncovering the diverse and plant-rich culinary landscape of Filipino culture. The presentation also unveils the behind-the-scenes of her cookbook, providing a unique perspective on recipe development and capturing the essence of Filipino dishes. Immerse yourself in the intersection of culture, nutrition, and culinary artistry.  

Cleodia's cookbook, Ay Sus! Whole Food Plant-Based Global Filipino Cuisine, serves as a bridge between the traditional and the nutritious, celebrating Filipino classics while embracing global taste. "Sus" is derived from the Filipino word “sustansiya”, meaning nutrition. 

Cleodia Martinez is an entrepreneur, author, and multidimensional nutritionist. She is a first-generation Filipina American currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the co-owner of Midsummer Kitchen, together with her husband, Ryan. 


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