From Harvey Milk to Joe Campbell (December 1, 1961)

Friday a.m. Dear Joesan I don’t want to write this but I can not help myself for I have been feeling very strange lately & the pain is indeed deep--So I have to tell you that I love you so much & miss you so much that I have tears as I write this. I wish no pray that you will call & say that you want me--but I tell myself not to think this for you have told me that you do not want me anylonger--nevertheless I do so love you & am so lonesome for you that I do not even want to stay home for more than I have to as I see you wherever I am in the apartment--I’m so sorry that we are not together & wish so much to hold you once again--forgive me for writing as I have but I do feel like I do have a truly broken heart--I miss you--I loveyou--I want you-- As Always Love Harveysan