Inclusion Tool Kits

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The San Francisco Public Library strives to make all library programs and library spaces inclusive for children, teens, and adults with a variety of learning or sensory needs. A variety of simple devices are available for use inside all SFPL libraries. Ask for them at reference desks at each branch library and in Deaf Services, Talking Books and Braille Center, The Bridge at Main, The Main Children’s Center and The Mix in the Main Library.


Time Timer

This visual timer shows the passage of time. The Time Timer can be helpful with productivity, manage transitions, and help individuals learn to manage time.

lap pad

Weighted Lap Pad

This weighted lap pad can help individuals sit still and focus. The deep pressure soothes and serves as a gentle reminder to stay in place. Place on lap while seated, or across the back when lying down.


Noise Reduction Headphones

Noise reduction headphones can be used to reduce stress and anxiety and maximize concentration by minimizing noise. Ideal for noisy environments and for those with auditory defensiveness, hyperacusis, and sensory integration disorder.

gel cushion

Bumpy Gel Cushion

Cushion can be used as a seat cushion, mini lap pad, or fidget. The cushion encourages weight shifting, fidgeting and movement to sharpen focus.

turtle massager

Turtle Massager

This massager can be used to reduce tension and wake up tired muscles to help with calm and focus. This can be used to support individuals with sensory integration and autism spectrum disorders. 

fidget balls

Stressless Fidget Balls

These fidget balls can be used to self-regulate and de-stress. The green ball makes a “crunchy” sound when squeezed. The blue ball makes no noise, perfect for when quiet is needed.

fidget keychain

Fidget Keychain Balls

These fidget balls can be used to self-regulate and de-stress. One is filled with sand, one is filled with pellets, and one is filled with small balls to provide fidgeting and visual stimulation.

fidget fingers

Busy Fingers Gel Fidget

This fidget can help for those stressed, bored, or seeking sensory input.  It has the added benefit of helping to boost concentration and focus as well as fine motor skills.

fidget bracelet

Squishy Ball Bracelet

This fidget can be used as a quiet fidget activity for those seeking sensory input. Each bracelet has 12 balls with rubbery wiggly spikes that provide a safe outlet for restless energy.

fidget tangle

Therapy Tangle

This fidget can be used to reduce anxiety and increase focus. It has 20 sections and is covered in TPR plastic. Use for improving hand strength, relieving anxiety in children or adults, or keeping busy fingers happy.