Demographic & Economic Statistics - Entire City of San Francisco

  • California Department of Finance: First stop for citywide demographic statistics and financial and economic data (check for reports at the county level since San Francisco is both a city and county).
  • American Community Surveys by the Census Bureau have recent estimates from sample data. They also offer more detailed statistics than other sources. See list of tables available. (For the Geographic Type, select County, then California for the state and San Francisco from the list of counties presented).
  • Fact Sheet from the 2004 American Community Survey of the U.S. Census Bureau gives a useful instant demographic profile and can be compared with the 2000 Decennial Census profile. Type San Francisco in the "city or town" box, select California in the drop-down menu for state, and select GO. Be sure to select the 2004 tab since the Fact Sheet defaults to the 2000 Census tab.
  • San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Data & Statistics: Has a variety of economic indicators such as demographics, office space, housing costs, and unemployment.
  • S.F. Legislative Analyst Report--Summary of 2000 City and County Data - lots of pie charts and graphs.
  • General statistics and percentages table from the 2000 Census and 2002 American Community Survey estimates for San Francisco City and County by the Association of Bay Area Governments.
  • Futuristic projections to year 2030:
    Print sources available at the Main Library:

    The alifornia Department of Finance's Demographic Research Unit also has projections.

  • Detailed or In-depth Statistics: "Data sets" from the Decennial Census on the U.S. Census Bureau Web site must be used to locate statistics that are more specific or detailed than the quick statistics from the sources listed above (such as "unmarried-partner households" statistics for gay relationships). The detailed 2000 Decennial Census data collected by the Census Bureau is only available online. Tip: For the types of demographic information collected, see the Census Bureau's Census Data page. The GIC staff can provide guidance with using this Web site.
  • 2000 Census of Population and Housing on the U.S. Census Bureau Web site has useful demographic, social, economic and housing profiles. Select California as the state and type San Francisco in the second box. (The print California volume of Census of Population and Housing 2000, Summary Population and Housing Characteristics, available at the GIC, also has general data for San Francisco).
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: Principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government for labor economics and statistics, including the Consumer Price Index and employment/unemployment data, though most statistics are for metropolitan areas (2 or more counties, such as San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose).
  • Economic Census: The California volumes of the most recent Economic Census are also available at the GIC, although San Francisco is sometimes grouped with the Bay Area for statistics.