Power of scrappy

Dialogue: The Power of Scrappy

星期二, 6/9/2020
6:00 - 7:30


In conversation, Diana Kapp and Emily Pilloton will make the case for the power of “scrappy” in all industries, from female-led enterprises to STEM careers and construction sites. Coming from each of their backgrounds in thought leadership and female empowerment, the two will articulate what it means to be scrappy and how to channel your inner scrappiness to catapult your own creativity. To create something out of nothing, to bite down and grit it out, to ask for help and offer it and to turn problems into questions, are skills that run consistently through the lives and the work of some of our most scrappy heroes.


Reservations required: https://bit.ly/36wEpal


Diana Kapp, a business journalist, author and thought leader who has written about education and entrepreneurialism for most of the major media outlets including Forbes, Wall Street Journal and National Public Radio. In her book, Girls Who Run the World: 31 CEOs Who Mean Business, she highlights the entrepreneurs behind Rent the Runway, Stitch Fix, Pop Sugar, Glossier, Minted, Soul Cycle, Mitu, etc.


Emily Pilloton, Founder and Executive Director of Girls Garage, a Berkeley-based nonprofit design and building workshop for girls. Author of the new book Girls Garage: How to Use Any Tool, Tackle Any Project, and Build the World You Want to See (Teenage Trailblazers, STEM Building Projects for Girls). She is a leader in empowering girls and young women in studying and working in STEM professions. Emily’s first book was New Book Design Revolution: 100 Products That Empower People.


The Power of Scrappy Event Series

The Power of Scrappy is a new event series from San Francisco Public Library and Friends of the San Francisco Public Library. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all had to change our ideas of normal in all aspects of our lives from personal relationships to education to business. We have to learn to embrace the unknown, the making do and of course, being scrappy. These events provide a platform to discover how entrepreneurs, writers, artists, educators and community leaders are using their talents and skills to master the power of scrappy. The event series will be virtual and when possible, be the “new normal” in-person events.



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