Community Redistribution Program


Our Main Library and 27 branch libraries have a finite amount of space for their collections, and weeding is essential to make room for newly purchased materials. While maintaining strong collections, books are carefully deselected with consideration given to their condition, the number of copies in the Library system, levels of circulation, whether the information has become outdated and other factors.

According to Library and City policy, library materials may be given to agencies that will use them for the public good. Weeded library materials may be sold only by the Library or the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library.

What's Available*

  • Popular & classic fiction, including mysteries, romance and science fiction
  • Nonfiction in all subject areas - art, history, business, travel, poetry, etc.
  • Reference books including encyclopedias, almanacs, etc.
  • International language materials
  • Children's books in all genres and subject areas (in English and other languages)
  • Large Print
    *Inventory varies

Who is Eligible and How to Apply

Community agencies who receive donations of books and other library materials must use these materials for the public benefit. Examples of eligible agencies include:

  • Schools
  • Senior centers
  • Hospitals
  • Jails & prisons
  • Daycare centers
  • Community nonprofits
  • Social service agencies

Setting Priorities

Top priority is given to San Francisco City and County agencies, especially the San Francisco Unified School District and the San Francisco jails.

Community agencies within San Francisco are also given high priority, especially those serving low income neighborhoods and groups.

Agencies outside of San Francisco are prioritized based on current inventory levels.

Selection & Delivery of Materials

Partners have two choices available to them. Option one: Partners come directly to our warehouse by appointment only at 750 Brannan to select books themselves. Staff will be on hand to assist with boxing the books and loading into vehicles. Option two: Library staff will choose materials for our partners from available stock on the basis of written requests. Requests are filled according to genres and subject areas, not specific titles. Recipients will be scheduled to pick up selected materials at our 750 Brannan location.

Interested in Becoming a Partner?

Write to us on your community organization's letterhead letting us know how your agency will use the books for the public benefit. Include genres, age ranges, subject areas of interest and quantity. Sending the letter by email or USPS are both acceptable.

For questions:

San Francisco Public Library
ATTN: Community Redistribution Program
100 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102