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BCAF (Black and Brown Comix Arts Festival)

SFPL is excited to launch the Black and Brown Comix Arts Festival (BCAF), a new digital comic book platform with titles that focus on culturally diverse characters and storylines. The BCAF catalog includes colorful works from DC Comics, Marvel and Lion Forge publishers, such as Accell, Black Panther and Ms. Marvel.

BCAF showcases some of the vast illustrated work featured at the annual Black and Brown Comix Arts Festival, a Bay Area expo that celebrates the creativity of artists of color in the comic arts and popular visual culture. The festival is organized by the Northern California Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Foundation, a public charitable organization dedicated to programs and events that promote social, economic and environmental justice.“Libraries are essential to the joy of reading and enabling access to materials that are often out of reach for many people,“ says BCAF’s co-founder Aaron Grizzell. “Comic books are a great access point to increasing literacy. We are excited to be partnering with the San Francisco Public Library in launching the BCAF service.“

Check out your new superheroes at the Black and Brown Comix Arts Festival, sfpl.bcaf.digital or see How to Get Started

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Libby (OverDrive)

Borrow and reserve bestselling ebooks and eaudiobooks for adults, children and teens in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian. Access your titles in your web browser or download them to your Kindle and other mobile devices using the user-friendly Libby app (Android/iOS). If you're new to Libby, learn how to get started.

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Axis 360

Borrow and reserve bestselling titles for adults, children and teens in English and Spanish (limited availability). Access your titles in your web browser or download them to your mobile device with the Axis 360 app (Android/iOS/Kindle Fire). If you're new to Axis 360, learn how to get started.


Kindle Books are not available from Axis 360. Use Libby instead.

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hoopla digital

Get ebooks, audiobooks, comics, graphic novels, and more on demand. Stream titles in your web browser or download them to your mobile device with the hoopla digital app (Android/iOS/Kindle Fire HD). If you're new to hoopla digital, learn how to get started.


SimplyE Mobile App

The SimplyE app is a convenient way to get titles from Libby and Axis 360 and thousands of public-domain works via The SimplyE Collection. Get the free SimplyE app (Android/iOS). If you're new to SimplyE, learn how to get started.


Enki eBooks

    Borrow and reserve ebooks for adults, children and teens. Digital content comes from The SimplyE Collection, independent publishers and self-published Smashwords authors, vetted by Library Journal. Read ebooks in your web browser or download to a mobile device using Adobe Digital Editions. See also titles from the Enki California Digital Library. If you're new to Enki eBooks, learn how to get started.

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    Chinese eBooks & News (UDN)

    Borrow ebooks in traditional Chinese characters for for adults, children and teens from UDN (United Daily News). Read ebooks in your web browser or download them to the UDN mobile app (Android/iOS/PC/Mac). If you're new to UDN, learn how to get started. See also UDN Help/Tutorials.

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    Skillsoft Tech Books

    Stream more than 13,500 full-text technology and business titles from Skillsoft's Skillport 8i collection, including 210 publishers and 25,000 IT and Desktop Video tutorials from industry experts. Read ebooks in your web browser.

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    O'Reilly for Public Libraries

    Stream 50,000 titles, including O’Reilly titles in early release, 30,000 hours of video, case studies from top companies, learning paths, expert playlists, and more, with nearly 1,000 topics to explore in technology and business. Access content in your web browser. If you're new to O'Reilly for Public Libraries, learn how to get started. See also O'Reilly for Public Libraries features (O'Reilly Media) and Safari is now O'Reilly for Public Libraries (PDF).


    Nonfiction eBooks (EBSCO)

    Borrow ebooks covering classic literature, business, technology and other nonfiction subjects. This is a legacy ebook collection, which is no longer updated. If you're new to EBSCO ebooks, see the EBSCO eBook User Guide.


    SFPL's Digitized Books (Internet Archive)

    View or download historical San Francisco books and government documents, including the popular City Directories and Municipal Reports. Hosted by Internet Archive.


    The Classics (Open Library)

    Access over 2.7 million free classic eBooks from the Internet Archive, including great works in the public domain from over 600 libraries around the world.