Park 分館重開

Park分館於二零一一年二月重開。 分館獲LEED銀級認證。

As part of the bond measure overwhelmingly passed by the voters in November 2000, the San Francisco Public Library is renovating the Park Branch Library. Plans include new accessible restrooms, more defined areas for children, teens, and adults, new and restored furniture, increased capacity for books and other materials, a children’s area with interactive early learning features, more functional & ergonomic staff work areas, reconfigured program room with state of the art audio visual equipment, additional computers, new heating system, upgraded electrical & data systems, and much more.

The Park Branch was seismically upgraded and made accessible in the early 1990s. The upcoming renovation will concentrate on complying with current code requirements and remodeling the interior while preserving the historic character of the building.

The Friends of the San Francisco Public Library are raising funds from private donations to pay for new furniture, fixtures, and equipment for the branch libraries.

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