On the left, an illustration of a spaceship with the Earth in the background, from the cover of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. On the right, an image of the International Space Station with the Earth in the background.

Science Fiction / / Science Fact

08 一月 - 31 三月 2022
Magazines & Newspapers Center - 5th Fl
Main Library

100 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

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Science fiction and science fact are often in dialogue, each one pushing the other and sometimes transcending the rigid boundaries of their disciplines. This exhibit intermingles the two, illustrating how science has provided a factual basis for what were once flights of fancy and illuminating how stories have intuited phenomena before science, technology and circumstance have caught up to prove them.

Presented by SFPL's Magazines & Newspapers Center and General Collections & Humanities Center.


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