book covers from the General Collections Staff Picks Spring 2024 bibliocommons list linked below.

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The General Collections and Humanities Center offers a circulating and library-use-only collection of encyclopedias and dictionaries, and books covering the subjects of library & information science, journalism, arcane knowledge, philosophy, psychology, religion, social sciences, education, linguistics, literature, geography, travel, history, biography and more. Be sure and visit our African American Center and James C. Hormel LGBTQIA+ Center, also located on the third floor. 

On Display at the Reference Desk

Be sure to visit us on the 3rd Floor for rotating curated book displays. Currently on display:

Women of World War II: A keyhole view into the lives of women from a broad international spectrum during one of the most significant periods of the twentieth century. In addition to the book titles selected below, get inspired by the "Seven Indomitable Women of World War II" profiled by Tara Moss in Ms. Magazine, September 2, 2020.