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Alphabetical listing of musicians, musical groups, actors, and directors

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Saadiq, Raphael (Musician) 4/14

SF Seals (Musical group)
See: Manning, Barbara

Sabin, Wallace Arthur (Organist, choral director, composer)

Sachet, Donna (Singer; Personality) 1/11

St. Denis, Ruth (Dancer)

Salant, Norman
See: Bossi, Benjamin

Sales, Grover (Critic, author)
x Music Critics (vf)
x Music Reference

Salgo, Sandor (Conductor)

Salkind, Milton & Peggy (Pianists; Mr. Salkind was San Francisco Conservatory of Music President.)

Samson, Valerie (Composer)

Samuel, Gerhard (Composer, conductor)

San Francisco Starlight Orchestra (Musical group)

San Francisco Taiko Dojo (Musical group)

Sanders, Pharoah (Jazz saxophonist)

Sandles, Verlin (Gospel vocalist)

Santana, Carlos (Rock guitarist, bandleader)
See also: Journey (Musical Group); Azteca (Musical Group)

Santos, John (Percussionist, bandleader)

Saraf, Irving (Filmmaker)
xx Light, Allie
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Sarducci, Father Guido
See: Novello, Don

Sarlatte, Bob (Comedian)

Sarles, Bob (Documentary filmmaker)

Saroya, Bianca (and Dimitri Onofrei)(Vocalists)
x Onofrei, Dimitri

Sassoon, Janet (Dancer, teacher)

Satriani, Joe (Rock guitarist, composer)

Saunders, Merl (Keyboardist, composer, music director)

Scaggs, Boz (Rock and pop vocalist, composer, guitarist)
See also: Music-Rock (vf)
REF 790.2 L586a: 202-217 (1972)

Scardina, Paul
See: Paul Scardina Dance Company (vf)

Schaefer, Hal (Pianist, arranger, vocal coach)

Schafer, Jack
See: Shafer, Jack

Schickele, David(1937-1999) (Filmmaker)

Schmidt, Harold (Choral director, conductor)

Schneider, David (Violinist, author)

Schuert, Evelyn (Dancer)

Schwabacher, James (Vocalist; President, Bd. of Directors, Merola Opera Program; teacher; music patron)

Schweiker, Heidi (Dancer/Choreographer)

Scissors for Lefty (Musical Group)

Scott, Kermit (Jazz saxophonist)

Scott, Kevin Alan ( Recording engineer)

Scott, Nancy (Critic)

Sea Hags (Musical group)

Segall, Ty (Musician) 4/14

Seiwert, Amy (Dancer) 4/13

Sek Cheong Siu (Flutist, mouth organist)

Selick, Henry (Animator)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Sellin, Verne (Violinist)

Selter, Carol

Selvin, Joel (Critic)
x Music Reference

Sender, Ramon (Jr.)(Composer)
x Morningstar, Ramon Sender

Serinus, Jason (Whistler)
xx Whistling

Seskin, Steve (Folk guitarist)

Sessions, Roger (Composer)

Sete, Bola (Guitarist)

Seventeen Evergreen (Musical group)

Shadow, DJ (disc jockey)

Shafer, Jack (Jazz trumpeter)
x Schafer, Jack

Shaff, Stanley
See: Audium (vf)

Shakers (Musical group)

Shakur, Tupac Amaru
See: Digital Underground (Musical group)

Shane, Brittany (Singer/Songwriter) 2/11

Shannon and the Clams (Musical group) 4/13

Shapes, The (Musical group)

Sharrif, Iman Omar
See: Omar Khayyam (Blues pianist)

Sheinfeld, David (Composer)

Shelfer, Jerry (Vocalist, guitarist, composer)

Shelton, Jean
See: The Playhouse Company, Berkeley (vf)

Shelton, Kim (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Shepard, Sam (Actor, playwright)
xx Jones, O-Lan (formerly Shepard, O-Lan)
See also: Film Comment (December 1983): 49+ American Film (October 1984): 22+

Shepard, Tom (Documentary filmmaker)

Sherman, Gretchen (Agent)
See: Hicks, Dan

Sherwood, Don (Radio disc jockey)

Shields, Robert (Mime)
See also: Street Performers (vf)

Shire, Talia (Coppola)(Actress)
See: Coppola, Francis Ford

Shirley, George (Vocalist)

Shirmura, Tom (Lyrics Born, Rapper) 4/14

Shocked, Michelle (Singer) 3/10

Shoemaker, Lee Ellen (The Tunnel Singer)

Shorenstein, Carole (Theatrical producer)

Shorr, Lev (Pianist, teacher)

Short, Bobby (Cabaret pianist and vocalist)

Short, Robert (Jazz musician)

Shuch, Erika (Choreographer)

Sic Alps (Musical Group) 4/13

Sickafoose, Todd (Bassist)

Silver, Steve
See: Beach Blanket Babylon (vf)

Simmons, Calvin (Conductor)
KQED Focus (March 1982)

Simmons, Sonny (Jazz saxophonist)

Simmons, Sylvie (music journalist) 2/15

Simon, Jose (Musician)

Simpson, Raissa
See: Push Dance Company (vf)

Sims, Clarence (Blues guitarist, vocalist)

Sister Double Happiness (Musical group)

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (Street theater group)

Six Organs of Admittance (Musical group) 1/10

Skyflakes (Musical group)

Sleepy Sun (Musical Group) 2/11

Slenczynska, Ruth (Pianist)

Slick, Grace (Rock vocalist, composer)
See also: Jefferson Airplane
See also: Jefferson Starship

Sloane, Carol (Jazz vocalist)

Sluts A-Go-Go (Drag troupe)

Sly and the Family Stone (Musical group)

Smash Mouth (Musical group)

Smith, Allen (Trumpeter)

Smith, Anna Deavere (Actress, playwright, teacher)

Smith, Lavay (Musician) 10/10

Smith, Sonny (Musician)

Smith, Stuart ( Sports broadcaster)

Smith, Wadada Leo (Trumpeter, composer)

Smith, Walter (Songwriter, pianist)

Smothers, Tom & Dick (Musical comedy team)

Smuin, Michael (Choreographer)
See also: Smuin Ballet in subject file

See: Stuart, Alice & Snake

Snake Flower 2 (Musical Group)

Snakefinger (Rock guitarist)
Real name: Lithman, Philip

Snakepit (Musical group)
x Edwards, Eddie (Snakepit)

Snitow, Alan (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Society to Undertake the Preservation of Dumb Songs
See: Stupeds

Solovieff, Miriam (Violinist)

Sonbert, Warren (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Sons of Champlin (Musical group)

Sopwith Camel (Musical group)

Soul Stirrers (Gospel vocal group)

Soulstice Rising (Musical group)

Spangler, Bud (Jazz drummer, bandleader, disc jockey)

Spann, Owen (Radio talk show host)

Spearman, Glenn (Saxophonist, composer)

Splatter Trio (Musical group)

Spot 1019 (Musical group)

Sprinkle, Annie (Pornographic performer)

Squeeze The Dog (Musical group)

Stallings, Ron (Musician)

Stark, John (Critic)

Stark, Scott (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Starr, Dorothy (d. Jan 31 1990)(Music store proprietor)

Starr, Mark (Conductor)

Steel Pole Bath Tub (Musical group)

Stein, Hal (Jazz Saxaphonist)

Stein, Peter (Television producer)

Steinberg, Michael (San Francisco Symphony artistic advisor)
REF 780.2 ZR723m: 433-454
Cum Notis Variorum #77 (November 1983): 9-11

Stern, Howard (Radio broadcaster)

Stern, Isaac (Violinist)

Stevenson, Delcina (Vocalist)

Stills, Steven
See: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Stockhausen, Karlheinz (Composer)

Stoltz, Kelley (Songwriter/Musician)

Stoia, Eugene (Violinist, music teacher)

Stoltzman, Richard (Clarinetist)

Stone, Carl (Composer)

Stone, Judy (Critic)

Stone Foxes (Musical Group) 2/11

Stone Vengeance (Musical Group)

Stoneground (Musical group)
See also: Valentino, Sal

Strachwitz, Chris (Record producer and store owner)

Strang, Connie Howard (Organist)

Stravinsky, Igor (Composer)

Strawhatters (Musical revue performers)
x Straw Hat Theatre, Inc. (vf)

Street, Dusty (Radio disc jockey)

Stroke 9 (Musical group)

Stuart, Alice & Snake (Folk-rock vocalist, guitarist)
x Snake

Stump, Wilbur (Saloon pianist and inventor of the piano bar)
See also: Nightclubs and Cabarets (vf)

x Stupeds (Musical group)
x Society to Undertake the Preservation of Dumb Songs
xx Brody, Joshua Raoul

Sukay (Musical group)
See also: Music-Ethnic (vf)

Summers, Bill (Percussionist)

Sunshine, Adrian (Conductor)

Susa, Conrad (Composer)

Sutro (Musical Group)

SVT (Musical group)
xx Jefferson Starship

Swall, Corinne (Vocalist, educator)
x Biscaccianti, Elisa (Music Reference tray)
x Mother Lode Troupe (vf)

Sylvester (Vocalist, San Francisco's Disco Queen) FILE MISSING
See also: American Cinematographer ( September 1983): 56+

Symington, Maude Fay (Vocalist)