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Alphabetical listing of musicians, musical groups, actors, and directors

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Fabbri, Inez (Opera singer)

Fabricant, Ira
No folder in Art & Music Center
California College of Arts & Crafts Bulletin, v. LXV, no. 1, September 1971
Lecturer in filmmaking/ BFA, San Francisco Art Institute. One man film shows: Canyon Cinema, CCAC Gallery, Cinema Psychedelica. Other showings: Museum of Modern Art and Filmmakers' Cinematique, New York.

Fabrizio, Margaret (Harpsichordist and educator)

Faith No More (Musical group)

Fantastic Negrito
See: Dphrepaulezz, Xavier

Farberman, Harold (Composer, conductor)

Farey, Ev (Trumpet player, bandleader)

Farina, Mark (DJ)

Farina, Mimi
See: Bread and Roses

Farnsworth, Elizabeth (Filmmaker)

Farrar, Jay (Country-rock guitarist, vocalist)

see Jenkinson, Monique

Featherston, Elena (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Felciano, Richard (Composer)

Felder, Sara (Performance Artist) 4/14

Fenstermaker, John (Organist)

Festa, Paul (Performance Artist) 1/11

Field, Connie (Filmmaker)

Field, Kyle (Musician) 4/14

Fierro, Martin (Tenor saxophonist)

Finch, Stephanie (Musician) 1/11

Finnerty, Barry (Jazz ;musician)

Fisher, Eddie (Musician) 1/11

Fisher, Jack (Musician) 1/10

Fishler, Bobby Burch
See: Fishler, Ken & Bobby

Fishler, Ken & Bobby (Jazz pianist and vocalist)
x Bobby & I
x Burch, Bobby
x Fishler, Bobby Burch

Flaherty, Kristine (Rapper K.Flay) 4/14

Flamin' Groovies (Musical group)

Flath, Edwin (Ted) (Organist)
See also: California Bach Society (vf)

Fleisher, Leon (Pianist, conductor)

Flipper (Musical group)

Flying Karamazov Brothers (New vaudevillians)
xx Variety Shows

Fogerty, John (Guitarist, composer)
x Blue Ridge Rangers
xx Creedence Clearwater Revival

Fong-Torres, Ben (Journalist and radio host)

Fontin, Vyra
See: Kerr, Vyra Fontin

Ford, Tennessee Ernie (Country singer, television entertainer)

Fosselius, Ernie (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Foster, Denzil & McElroy, Thomas (Music production team)
x McElroy, Thomas
See also: En Vogue; Club Nouveau; Tony! Toni! Ton�! ; Timex Social Club

Foster, Jesse (Jazz vocalist)

Fourth Ace Productions (Film studio)

Franco, Vicente (Documentary filmmaker)
xxDolgin, Gail

Frankenstein, Alfred (Critic)
See: Frankenstein, Alfred (Artists' file)

Franklin, Carl (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Franti, Michael (Musician)

Frayne, George
See: Cody, Commander

Frazer, Paula (Alt-country vocalist, composer)

Frederic, Eric (Songwriter) 3/10

Frederick, Pauline (Actress)

Fredulia, Dick (Pianist)

Free, Scott (Composer)
See also: Nagle, Ron (Artist vf)

Freeman, Paul (Conductor)

Fresh and Onlys, The (Musical group) 1/10
x Miles, Wymond
x Cohen, Tim

Fried, Alexander (Critic)
x Artists' file
x Music Reference
x Art Critics (vf)
x Dance Critics (vf)
x Music Critics (vf)

Friedman, Bennett (Bandleader, tenor saxophonist)

Friedman, Jeffrey (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Friedman, Leslie (Dancer)

Frightwig (Musical group)

Friml, Rudolf (1879-1972) (Composer, pianist)

Frith, Fred (Composer) 1/10

Fukunaga, Cary Joji (filmmaker) 2/15

Fuller, Jesse (Blues vocalist, instrumentalist)

Fulson, Lowell (Blues vocalist, guitarist)