Musicians and Performing Artists File - D

Alphabetical listing of musicians, musical groups, actors, and directors

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Dadey, Kwaku (Drummer)

D'Agostino, Peppino (Guitarist)

Dahl, Ingolf (Composer)

Dalton, Lacy J. (Country vocalist and composer)

Dane, Barbara (Blues vocalist)

Daniels, Charles N. (Songwriter)
x Moret, Neil

Dante, Rio (Actor)

Darden, Charles (Conductor)

Darlington, Sandy (Vocalist)

Darondo (Musician)

Darter, Tom (Pianist and magazine editor)

Davenport, Bart (Vocalist and composer)

Davidson, Jo Carol (Vocalist)

Davies, Louise M. (Philanthropist)
See also: Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall (vf)

Davis, Belva (T.V. Broadcaster) 4/14

Davis, Ronny (R.G.) (Founder of S.F. Mime Troupe)
See also: San Francisco Mime Troupe (vf)
See also: Epic West (vf)

Davis, Sylvia (Vocalist)

Davka (Musical Group)

D'Cuckoo (Musical group)

Dead Kennedys (Musical group)
x Biafra, Jello

Dean, Charles (Actor)

Death Angel (Musical group)

DeBellis, Frank V. (Radio broadcaster and music collector)
See also: Frank V. DeBellis Collection (vf)

De Coteau, Denis (Conductor)

De Cray, Marcella (Harpist)

DeGrassi, Alex (Jazz guitarist)

Del Tha Funkee Homo Sapien (Vocalist)

Del Tredici, David (Composer)
See also: Current Bio (March 1983): 12

Delinquents (Musical Group)

DeMarinis, Paul - see Artist File

Demetrio, P (Contrabassist, Conductor) 4/14

DeNatale, Jesse (Musician)

DeRocher, Etienne (Vocalist/Songwriter)

Desmond, Paul (d. May 30 1977, lung cancer) (Jazz saxophonist)

Devil-ettes (Dance Troupe)

De Waart, Edo (Conductor)
xx San Francisco Symphony Orchestra (vf)

Dibble, Rod (Musician)

Digital Underground (Musical group)
x Shakur, Tupac Amaru
x 2Pac

Dils, The (Musical group)

Dilworth, Helen (Vocalist)

Dinosaurs, The (Musical group)

DiPrima, Dominique (Rapper)

Dirksen, Dirk (Music promoter)

Dirtybird (DJ Collective)

Disley, Terry (Musician)

Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy (Musical group)
xx Beatnigs

The Distractions (Vocalists)

Divine (Actor)

Dr. Frank
see: Portman, Frank

Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalapeno Band (Musical group)

Doda, Carol (Dancer)

Dodos, The (Musical group)

Dolan, Terry (Vocalist, folk/rock guitarist, composer)

Dolgin, Gail (Documentary filmmaker)
See also: Franco, Vicente

Dolorata (Musical Group)

Donahue, Tom (Radio disc jockey)

Donat, Peter (Actor)

Dong, Arthur (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Donnas (Musical group)

Doobie Brothers (Musical group)

Dornacker, Jane (Comedian, vocalist, actress, reporter)
See also: Leila & the Snakes (Musical group)

Dorsey, Sean (Choreographer) 10/10

Dorsky, Nathaniel (Filmmaker) 1/11

Douglas, Helen Gahagan (1900-1980)
No folder in Art and Music Center
See: California History (December 1987): 242-261, +

Douglas, K. C. (Vocalist and blues guitarist)

Dphrepaulezz, Xavier (Musician)
x Fantastic Negrito

Dragon, Carmen (Composer/conductor) 1/10

Draper, Frederick (Guitarist)

Draper, Rusty (Popular vocalist)

Dresher, Paul (Composer)
See also: Coates, George

Drollinger, D'Arcy (Dancer, Choreographer) 4/14

Dudek, Les (Guitarist)

Duke, George (Jazz pianist)

Duncan, Isadora (Dancer)
See also: Argonaut (Dec 1 1917): 350
S.F. Music Scrapbooks 1917
Isadora Duncan Heritage Society (vf)
About the House (Spring 1981): 8-17
REF 792.079 Un3, v.8, pt. 2: 50-53

Duncan, Vivian (Actress, composer)

Dunlap, Larry
See: Norris, Bobbe (M/PA vf)

Duran, Carlos (Jazz bassist)

Duran, Eddie (Jazz guitarist)

Durst, Will (Comedian)

Dusay, Marj (Actress)

Duterte, Melina (Jay Som / singer) 4/18

Dwyer, John (Musician)
See Also: The Oh Sees (M/PA vf)

Dynatones (Musical group)