Musicians and Performing Artists File - R

Alphabetical listing of musicians, musical groups, actors, and directors

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Radiator, Rosie (Dancer)

Ramon, Alex (Magician) 4/13

Rancid (Musical group)

Rarick, Thomas (Conductor)

Ratner, Leonard (Musicologist, composer)

Raz, Jeff (Juggler, playwright, actor)
a k a Razz the Clown

Readymades, The (Musical group)

Redford, James (Filmmaker)

Redding, Joseph Deighn (Composer, librettist)

Redman, Joshua (Jazz tenor saxophonist)

Reed, Don (comedian) 4/13

Resnick, Rose (Pianist)

Reed, Ishmael (Playwright, author)

Reilly & Maloney (Vocalists, folk guitarists)
Dave Maloney & Ginny Reilly

Reinis, Jonathan (Theatrical producer)

Reller, Austin (Violinist, composer)

Reno, Karen (Actress)
a k a Karen Renaud

Residents (Musical group)

Reynolds, Belinda (Composer)

Reynolds, Malvina (Folksinger, composer)
Includes broken set of Sporadic Times, v.1-3

Rhoades, Ron (Reggae vocalist, guitarist)

Rich, Robert (Composer)

Richardson, Derk (Critic)

Rick & Ruby (Musical comedy team)
Brian Seff & Monica Carroll
xx Brody, Joshua Raoul

Richman, Jonathan (singer/songwriter)

Rider, Sandra Lynn (Comedian/Track coach)

Riggs, Marlon (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Riley, Gyan (Guitarist/Composer)

Riley, Terry (Composer)

Riordan, David (Record producer)
x Riordan, David (Art reference file)

Rioth, Douglas (Harpist)
See: Adams, Anne

Ritchie, Michael (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Rivers, Jimmie (Western swing guitarist)

Roberts, Tommy (Puppet man)
Real name Morris Diamond

Robertson, Patrick (Blues musician)

Robinson, Dan (Choral director)

Robinson, L. C. (Blues guitarist, vocalist)

Rock, Aesop (Musician)

Rodgers, Barbara (News Anchor)

Roe, Judy (Burlesque stripper, novelist)

Roesner, Walter (Trumpeter, Conductor) 4/14

Rogers, Roy (Blues guitarist, vocalist)

Rogue Wave (Musical Group)

Rolfe, Bari (Mime)

Roman, Lizz (Dancer/Choreographer) 4/13

Rome (Rome, Ramirez) (Musician) 4/14

Romeo Void (Musical group)
x Iyall, Deborah
xx Bossi, Benjamin
REF f784.5 ZC832h: 141-142

Romney, Hugh
See: Wavy Gravy

Ronstadt, Linda (Vocalist)

Rosekrans, Charles (Musical director)

Rosen, Martin (Filmmaker, animator)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Rosenberg, Pamela (Opera general director)
xx San Francisco Opera Association (vf)

Rosenberg, Scott (Critic)

Rosenblatt, Jay (Filmmaker)

Rosener, Walt (Orchestra leader, master of ceremonies)

Rosewoman, Michele (Jazz pianist, composer, bandleader)

Rova Saxophone Quartet (Musical group)

The Rowans (Rowan Brothers) (Musical group)

Rowe, Mike (Filmmaker)

Royal Society Jazz Orchestra (Musical group)

Rubinoos (Musical group)
REF 784.5 ZB173n: 67
xx Kihn, Greg

Rubisa Patrol
See: Lande, Art
See: Music-Jazz, etc. (vf)

Rudhyar, Dane (Composer)

Ruiz, Maclovia (Ballerina)

Rundgren, Todd (Rock vocalist, composer, instrumentalist, producer)

Runnicles, Donald (Conductor, music director)
See also: San Francisco Opera Association (vf)

Rupa & the April Fishes (Musical group)

Rush, Loren (Composer)

Russo, William (Composer, arranger)

Ruta, Ken (Actor)

Ryder, Winona (Actress)