Poem of the Day

San Francisco Poet Laureate Kim Shuck is curating a Poem of the Day with San Francisco Public Library for every day during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check back daily for a new poetic offering from assorted local poets or view the archive of previous day's poems.


by Garrett Murphy © 2020


Now we’ve just seen everything;
We’ve gotten a complaint from (believe it or not) a fly.
That fly claims to have been set up for near-poisoning
It was flying about thinking it’s found a smorgasbord.
It landed alight upon what seemed like a feast
And stayed on and stayed on In front of a live audience even!
Only it turned out to be a bust!
BLEAAHH it was nearly poisoned!
They had some nerve passing that slime off as a banquet
Poor fly thought that head was dung delight
But it turned out to be some miserable s-head!
Now we’ve just got to figure out
How to issue a refund to a fly!
(Maybe we’ll stick it on Pence’s tab instead.)


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