Poem of the Day

San Francisco Poet Laureate Emerita Kim Shuck is curating a Poem of the Day with San Francisco Public Library for every day during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check back daily for a new poetic offering from assorted local poets or view the archive of previous day's poems.



by Virgina Blair


Welcome to the library of my dreams.
Come all ye who are weary, cold, and hungry.
Drifters possessing nothing, the homeless.
Enter these open portals, young, old, disabled, forgotten.
A comfort stop to wipe the tears of children unloved,
of mothers bruised and battered from life gone wrong.
Bookshelves beckon—a magic carpet to lift you airborne
to far lands. Word-visions from fragrant temples
to the Land of Midnight Sun, rainbow ribbons
waving across the skies. Deep are the pages
of laughter, tears, the sweet, the bitter, the sparkle of stars.
Finger the pages of the red depth of Hades, crime, sex, drugs,
or the redemption of love. Burnt are the pages of soul kisses
in strong, beloved arms. The choice is yours.
Passengers of the street—black, white, brown,
round eyes, almond eyes, no eyes at all—all aboard
to the multihaven, to rest, paint, sing, dance or pray.
No charge, no questions. Come in, find love.
Be naked of your woes. Turn the pages of joy. Lift
your prayer hands of compassion to all who enter here.
Bridge the canyon. Collect not the cobwebs.
Embrace each other in this Freedom Hall
far from bitter life winds. The flags of prejudice
do not fly in the library of my dreams.