Poem of the Day

San Francisco Poet Laureate Emerita Kim Shuck is curating a Poem of the Day with San Francisco Public Library for every day during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check back daily for a new poetic offering from assorted local poets or view the archive of previous day's poems.

My thanks to everyone who shared a poem, everyone who logged in to read. No collection of poetry is objectively complete, this year long project is no exception. There would have been no poem on many days with out Paul Corman-Roberts, Kitty Costello, Lourdes Figueroa, Charlie Getter, Aileen Cassinetto, Lisa Rosenberg, Dan Brady, EK Keith and at least one more person who is slipping my covid 19 pandemic-d, political upheaval-ed, and zoomed brain. I'm sorry, you were probably the most important and therefore I've spaced you. Thank you to the San Francisco Public Library for welcoming what has been, if not an exhaustive exploration of local poetic voices, than at least an inclusive one. These poems are some of what poetry is for and I am grateful to have mangled all of your words with my typos and file mismatch randomness. It has been my honor, thank you all for taking part in all of the different ways.
Kim Shuck
lapsed literary title and all