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"x" indica que se hizo una referencia a otra entrada.
"xx" indica que también se hizo referencia a otra entrada.

Fabbri, Inez (Opera singer)

Fabricant, Ira
No folder in Art & Music Center
California College of Arts & Crafts Bulletin, v. LXV, no. 1, September 1971
Lecturer in filmmaking/ BFA, San Francisco Art Institute. One man film shows: Canyon Cinema, CCAC Gallery, Cinema Psychedelica. Other showings: Museum of Modern Art and Filmmakers' Cinematique, New York.

Fabrizio, Margaret (Harpsichordist and educator)

Faith No More (Musical group)

Farberman, Harold (Composer, conductor)

Farey, Ev (Trumpet player, bandleader)

Farina, Mark (DJ)

Farina, Mimi
See: Bread and Roses

Farnsworth, Elizabeth (Filmmaker)

Farrar, Jay (Country-rock guitarist, vocalist)

see Jenkinson, Monique

Featherston, Elena (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Felciano, Richard (Composer)

Felder, Sara (Performance Artist) 4/14

Fenstermaker, John (Organist)

Festa, Paul (Performance Artist) 1/11

Field, Connie (Filmmaker)

Field, Kyle (Musician) 4/14

Fierro, Martin (Tenor saxophonist)

Finch, Stephanie (Musician) 1/11

Finnerty, Barry (Jazz ;musician)

Fisher, Eddie (Musician) 1/11

Fisher, Jack (Musician) 1/10

Fishler, Bobby Burch
See: Fishler, Ken & Bobby

Fishler, Ken & Bobby (Jazz pianist and vocalist)
x Bobby & I
x Burch, Bobby
x Fishler, Bobby Burch

Flaherty, Kristine (Rapper K.Flay) 4/14

Flamin' Groovies (Musical group)

Flath, Edwin (Ted) (Organist)
See also: California Bach Society (vf)

Fleisher, Leon (Pianist, conductor)

Flipper (Musical group)

Flying Karamazov Brothers (New vaudevillians)
xx Variety Shows

Fogerty, John (Guitarist, composer)
x Blue Ridge Rangers
xx Creedence Clearwater Revival

Fong-Torres, Ben (Journalist and radio host)

Fontin, Vyra
See: Kerr, Vyra Fontin

Ford, Tennessee Ernie (Country singer, television entertainer)

Fosselius, Ernie (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Foster, Denzil & McElroy, Thomas (Music production team)
x McElroy, Thomas
See also: En Vogue; Club Nouveau; Tony! Toni! Ton�! ; Timex Social Club

Foster, Jesse (Jazz vocalist)

Fourth Ace Productions (Film studio)

Franco, Vicente (Documentary filmmaker)
xxDolgin, Gail

Frankenstein, Alfred (Critic)
See: Frankenstein, Alfred (Artists' file)

Franklin, Carl (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Franti, Michael (Musician)

Frayne, George
See: Cody, Commander

Frazer, Paula (Alt-country vocalist, composer)

Frederic, Eric (Songwriter) 3/10

Frederick, Pauline (Actress)

Fredulia, Dick (Pianist)

Free, Scott (Composer)
See also: Nagle, Ron (Artist vf)

Freeman, Paul (Conductor)

Fresh and Onlys, The (Musical group) 1/10
x Miles, Wymond
x Cohen, Tim

Fried, Alexander (Critic)
x Artists' file
x Music Reference
x Art Critics (vf)
x Dance Critics (vf)
x Music Critics (vf)

Friedman, Bennett (Bandleader, tenor saxophonist)

Friedman, Jeffrey (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Friedman, Leslie (Dancer)

Frightwig (Musical group)

Friml, Rudolf (1879-1972) (Composer, pianist)

Frith, Fred (Composer) 1/10

Fukunaga, Cary Joji (filmmaker) 2/15

Fuller, Jesse (Blues vocalist, instrumentalist)

Fulson, Lowell (Blues vocalist, guitarist)