San Francisco Public Library’s Project Read Celebrates 40 Years of Empowering Adult Learners

十二月 4, 2023


SAN FRANCISCO, December 4, 2023 - San Francisco Public Library is thrilled to announce the 40th anniversary of its esteemed adult literacy program, Project Read. In San Francisco, it is estimated that 80,000 adults—one in every five—have some difficulty with basic reading and writing. Since its establishment in 1983, Project Read has been a beacon of hope for more than 7,000 adult learners in the local community, transforming lives through improved reading and writing skills. 

Books YOU Loved: Here’s What San Francisco Was Reading and Listening To In 2023

十一月 22, 2023

Ever wonder what your neighbor on MUNI is reading or listening to on their commute? Need some gift recommendations for that bookworm in your life? Taking a quiet break during the holidays for some quality R&R—“Rest and Reading”? San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) dug into its data and came up with the most popular titles of the year. Discover what San Franciscans of all ages were checking out in our all-star roundup of 2023.

Top Print Adult Fiction

San Francisco Artist Grapples with Afghanistan's Portrayal in Western Literature in New Site-Specific Installation

十一月 9, 2023

San Francisco Public Library and San Francisco Arts Commission Announce New Installation by 2022 Artist-in-Residence Gazelle Samizay at the Main Library

SAN FRANCISCO, November 9, 2023 - San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) and the San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) announce a captivating new three-channel video and multimedia installation by local artist Gazelle Samizay at the Main Library.

San Francisco Public Library Reopens Talking Books and Braille Center After $1.9 Million Renovation

十一月 8, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, November 8, 2023—San Francisco Public Library announces the reopening of its award-winning Talking Books and Braille Center (TBBC) after a $1.9 million renovation and a 15-month closure. The center, which serves individuals who are Blind or Visually impaired, has undergone a transformation to better cater to the needs of the community.