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"x" indica que se hizo una referencia a otra entrada.
"xx" indica que también se hizo referencia a otra entrada.

Maffre, Muriel (Ballet Dancer) 1/11

Magister Ludi (Musical group)

Magnificat (Musical group)

Magor, Louis (Choral director)

Mahal, Taj (Vocalist, composer)
x Taj Mahal
a k a Henry St. Clair Fredericks
a k a Henry Saint Clair Fredericks Williamson

Mahan, Leah (Filmmaker)

Makarova, Natalia (Dancer)
x Markova, N.

Makuakane, Patrick (Hula instructor/choreographer)
See also Dance, Ethnic in general VF

Mallory, Lee

Malry, E. Jerome (Pianist)

Manning, Barbara (Vocalist, composer)
x SF Seals (Musical group)

Mansouri, Lotfi (Opera general director)
xx San Francisco Opera Association (vf)

Mapa, A. (Actor)

Marabuto, John (Jazz musician)

Marchand, James (Pianist)

Marcovicci, Andrea (Actress, vocalist)

Margolis, Kitty (Jazz vocalist)

Marfatia, Heeraz (Filmmaker)

Markova, Natalia
See: Makarova, Natalia

Marlowe, Ira (Folk guitarist)

Marsh, Jane (Vocalist)

Marshall, Eddie (Jazz drummer, bandleader)

Marshall, Ingram (Composer)

Marshall, Mike (Instrumentalist, arranger)
xx Montreux

Martin, Dude (musician)

Martin, Eric (Vocalist)
x Mr. Big

Martin, Mary (Actress, vocalist)

Martin, Mel (Jazz instrumentalist, bandleader)
x Listen
See also: Bebop and Beyond (Musical group)

Masaoka, Miya (Japanese-Koto musician)

Matches (Musical Group)

Mathieu, Allauddin (Pianist, composer)

Mathis, Johnny (Vocalist)

Matsumoto, Shigemi (Vocalist)

Mauleon, Rebeca (Pianist) 3/10

Maus Haus (Musical group) 1/10

Mautner, Ervin (Violinist, illusionist)

Maze (Musical group)
x Beverly, Frankie

Mazzone-Clementi, Carlo (Actor, teacher)

McCarty, Mac (Loring Ludwig) (Musician, barowner)

McCoy, William Johnston
No folder in Art & Music Center
1 box correspondence

McCracklin, Jimmy (Vocalist)

McCray, Mack (Pianist)

McDonald, Country Joe (Vocalist, composer, instrumentalist, bandleader)
x Country Joe and the Fish
See also: Music-Rock (vf)

McDowell, Curt (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

McElhatton, Dave (Radio and television broadcaster)

McElroy, Thomas
See: Foster, Denzil

McEwen, Terry (Opera general director)
See also: San Francisco Opera Association (vf)

McFall, John
See also: San Francisco Ballet Company (vf)

McFerrin, Bobby (Vocalist, composer, conductor, choral director)

McGarvin, Dick (Disc jockey, jazz drummer, actor)

McGhee, Brownie (Vocalist, guitarist)

McKenna, Bill (Bandleader)

McKissick, Perri
See: Pebbles

McKuen, Rod (Composer, poet)

McLean, Don (Actor, director,dancer, drama critic)

McNabb, Michael (Composer)

McNamara, Kathleen (Filmmaker) 2/11

McNight, Sharon (Vocalist)

McQueen, Glenn (Animator)

McShane, Micheal (Actor, comedian)

MDC (Musical group)

Mechem, Kirke (Composer)

Melton, Barry (The Fish) (Guitarist, vocalist, composer)

Mendelssohn, John (Music critic)

Mendonca, Maria Luisa (Video producer, educator)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Menell, Jo (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Mendoza, H.P. (Filmmaker) 2/11

Menuhin, Yehudi (Violinist, conductor, educator)
See also: City (Mar 20-Apr 2 1974): 36-37

Merlin (Musical group)

Mermen (Musical group)

Merola, Gaetano (Conductor)
See also: San Francisco Opera Association (vf)

Messina, Salvatore (Vocalist)

Messy Marv (Rapper) 2/11

Metallica (Musical group)

Mi Ami (Musical group) 1/10

Michaelian, Patricia (Pianist)

Michalski, George (Pianist, producer, composer)

Micheli, Amanda (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Michie, Chris (guitarist)

Los Microwaves (Musical group)

Miles, Wymond
See: The Fresh and Onlys

Milhaud, Darius (Composer, teacher)(Sep 4 1892-Jun 22 1974)
New York Times (obit) Jun 25 1974: 36
REF 780.2 Iv3p: 170

Miller, Noah and Logan (Filmmakers) 4/14

Miller, Steve (Blues vocalist, composer, guitarist, bandleader)

Milton, Ernest (Actor)(d. Jul 27 1974)
See also: REF 927.9 P226, 15th Ed.

Mineah, Barry (Music teacher)

Minh-Ha, Trinh T. (Filmmaker)

Mintun, Peter (Pianist, scholar)(2647 Pine Street, San Francisco 94115)

Mr. Big
See: Martin, Eric

Mr. T Experience
see: Portman, Frank

Mitchell Brothers (Art & Jim) (Pornographic entertainment entrepreneurs)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)
See also: Chapple, Steve. Burning Desires; Sex in America

Mitchell, Liberty Bradford (Actress)

M'lely, George (Jazz pianist)

Moby Grape (Musical group)

Mock, Ed (Dancer, choreographer)

Modern Jazz Quartet (Musical group)
Stereo Review (May 1975): 66-69

Mohr, Hope (Dancer/ Choreographer) 2/11

Moll, Charles (Instrumentalist, photographer)

Molloy, John (Actor)

Molnar, Ferenc (Violist, educator)

Mondo Hotpants Orchestra (Musical group)
x Hurd, Cornell

Money, Eddie (Rock vocalist)
BAM (Aug 1 1980): 24-27

Monterrosa, Luis (Musian)

Monteux, Pierre (Conductor)
xx San Francisco Symphony Orchestra (vf)
SF PALM has a compilation of all San Francisco performances conducted by Monteux. (399 Grove Street, 255-4800)

Montez, Lola (Dancer)
x Montez, Lola (House)

Montgomery, Buddy (Jazz pianist, vibraphonist)

Montreux (Musical group)
See also: Marshall, Mike
See also: Higbie, Barbara

Montrose (Musical group)
x Montrose, Ronnie
xx Hagar, Sammy

Montrose, Ronnie
See: Montrose (Musical group)

Moon Duo (Musical Group) 4/14

Moore, Eddie (Jazz drummer)

Moore, Gregory (Composer)

Moore, Mary (Nightclub owner)

Moore, Mary Carr (Composer)

Moran, Robert (Composer)

Moret, Neil
see Daniels, Charles N.

Morgan, Benjamin (Screenwriter/Director)

Moritsugu, Jon (Filmmaker)
xx Moving Pictures (vf)

Morning Benders (Musical group)

Morningstar, Ramon Sender
See: Sender, Ramon (Jr.)

Morris, Erroll (Filmmaker)

Morris, Valerie (Composer)

Morrison, Van (Rock vocalist)
See also: Musician (Jan 1985): 30+

Morton, Virgil (Dancer, folk dance teacher)

Moschella, Nino (Singer/songwriter) 1/10

Moscone, Jonathan (Playwright, Director)

Moses, Robert (Dancer, choreographer)
see also: Robert Moses Kin (vf)

Mothers Of Invention
See: Zappa, Frank

Mould, Bob (Musician)

Mover (Musical group)

Moyer, John-David (record producer)

Muldaur, Maria (Vocalist, guitarist)

Mulford, Marilyn (Filmmaker)

Munro, David (Filmmaker)

Murphy, Mark (Jazz vocalist)

Murphy, Turk (Jazz trombonist, bandleader)
See also: Hayes, Clancy
REF 781.51 W147t: 133 ff

Murray, David (Jazz saxophonist, composer, bandleader)

Murray, Earl Bernard (Musical director and conductor)

Music for Animals (Musical group) 1/10

Music Lovers (Musical Group)

Musselwhite, Charlie (Blues harmonica player)

Mutants, The (Musical group)

MX-80 Sound (Musical group)

Myers, David (Filmmaker)